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LenetteHall 08 Sep 0 2689
Celebrating the life of a loved one is a very personal and emotional experience. With all of the cremation choices, selecting an urn can be a difficult choice in the midst of a stressful time. However, selecting the correct urn is essential in creat..
simon 08 Nov 0 2733
For families that have chosen cremation, final disposition of the ashes is a deeply personal choice. Families that plan a burial or spread the ashes may prefer a small keepsake urn to keep dried ceremonial flowers, a small portion of ash, lock of hai..
simon 08 Nov 0 5595
 Raku pottery is an ancient Japanese firing process in which each urn is removed from the kiln while it's still red hot, the molten glaze is silky and glowing. The hot pottery is placed in a bed of straw or leaves in an air-tight chamber. The dry pl..
simon 01 Nov 0 2140
Strength and Beauty, the Benefits of a Stone Urn: Beauty Permanence Elegant Durability Dramatic colors Healing properties of minerals and gemstones. Prefect for burial or niche placement. Marble cremation urns have ..
simon 20 Oct 0 2806
  The Celtic Knot is one of the best known motifs in Celtic jewelry and art. The delicate twists and turns are found in ancient stone art and tattoos, in illuminated manuscripts- in fact, just about anywhere the Celtic people have traveled. Similar d..
LenetteHall 05 Nov 0 2327
Wood urns are extremely popular because they offer the natural beauty and warmth that is often desired in a memorial urn. Cremation urns and memory chests are available in many different non-endangered wood species and grain patterns. Unlike other cr..
simon 08 Sep 0 3733
Life has been compared to a series of seasons, with change being the most constant and some seasons being richer than others. A wood urn can reflect those change in seasons, as well as showcasing the awesome beauty of nature. With so many species ava..
simon 13 Nov 0 2228
Quick Reference and Helpful links for veteran's benefits. A Guide to Burial at Arlington National Cemetery Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Information on burial, headstones and markers. Listing of State Veteran's Cemeteries Application for Presidential ..
KirkHall 12 Jul 0 2671
When you are making arrangements, the funeral provider must give you an itemized statement of the total cost of the funeral goods and services you have selected. If the funeral provider is unsure of the cost at the time, he or she is required to give..
simon 13 Nov 0 2514
I Never have been a fan of embalming, but then I realized I’d never seen embalming done. Well, recently, a friend of the family passed after a long illness. At 93, in ill health, she was ready to go, she was worn out. Before she passed, this once act..
simon 13 Nov 0 10479
Planning a funeral service or celebration of life ceremony can be a very difficult task, especially considering the circumstances. When something as tragic as a family member or friend passes away, the last thing you want to deal with is planning the..
simon 13 Nov 0 2062
Some of the terminology you may hear at the funeral home or crematory Cremation: the process in which a body is reduced to its basic elements in a short period of time using intense heat and evaporation to prepare a body for final placement and me..
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