Pet Cremation Urns

Looking for a cremation urn or a memorial stone for your pet? Urn Garden offers you a myriad of different options to choose from.

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Urn Garden Best Friend Pet Cat Memorial Stone is a sweet marker for the catnip in the garden or..
Comforting, Protective and Mysterious. This black marble pet urn is perfect size for a pet with a he..
Pet Urn in heart shaped design for small cat or dog. Blue enamel heart with engraved silver band is ..
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Pet memorial stone with Celtic vine pattern, moon and stars, combined with your heartfelt verse comp..
Egyptians revered cats and our Pyramid pet urn is a the perfect size for a small pet (10-15 pounds m..
Based on 3 reviews.
Pretty purple cremation urn is a medium size in a frosty shade of royal purple and trimed with spark..
Pay tribute to a faithful friend with our personalized pet memorial garden stone. This stone could b..
This small urn is ideal for smaller portion of ashes. Inspired by Indian artifacts, this could ..
I Came, I Purred, I Conquered Cat Garden Memorial Stone, sweet marker or plaque for the garden to pa..
Sweet pink urn for a precious pet weighing up to 90 pounds. Sturdy metal vase design with hand toole..
Old friends silver and gold....our beautiful engraved golden brass and platinum cremation urn will h..
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Pet urns crafted in sturdy oak wood with photo frame design so that you can create a personal pet me..
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Our Outdoor River Rock pet memorial stone is perfect for dogs, cats, and other pets. It can be perso..
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Deep purple color with contrasting hand tooled pewter accents to create a beautiful memorial for a f..
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For the dog owner that wants to keep your beloved four legged friend close to your heart. Why not ce..
Our Sweet Kitty Cat urn is made in America. Sculpted and cast in metal with a bottom loading opening..
Honor your pet for years to come with a small personalized stepping stone or grave maker. Pawprint, ..
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Bronze look pet cremation urn with embossed paw prints. Dimensions: 4" H x 5" W x 5" D ..
Egyptian style and mystery are featured in this white photo box for ashes. Inspired by the Egyptian ..
$165.00 $99.00
Paw print vial for ashes is a stylish slim pendant design crafted in quality stainless steel and wil..
Rainbow symbolizing the peaceful path, a bridge, if you will, for a precious pet's passing. Pro..
$165.00 $99.00
Birch wood with mahogany finish and protective clear coat for small pets weighing up to 30 pounds. C..
A smaller version of the White Pearl Cremation Urn is an elegant and sweet memorial for a family pet..
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Pretty kitty cat urn necklace is an affordable option for memorial jewelry. High quality stainless s..
Kitty Heart Urn Necklace features a silhouette of a cat on sleek stainless steel.Free 22" sna..

Our collection of pet cremation urns includes everything from standard urn designs to urn jewelry and memorial stones. We also offer styles specifically designed for dogs and cats. Most of the urns in our pet collection can be personalized with a name, message, sentiment, or photograph of your beloved pet

What Size Urn Do I Need for my Pet?

As a general rule, pet cremated remains and ashes usually take up less space than humans. As a result, there isn’t an equal ratio of pounds to cubic inches. To be safe, we recommend you add 10-15 cubic inches to make sure your urn is large enough to store your pet’s ashes. Some families choose to purchase a larger urn in order to make room for a memento like a collar or a favorite toy.


Types of Urns for Your Pet


Cremation Urns for Cats

We offer a wide variety of urns to help you memorialize your feline friend. From wooden photo urn boxes to bronze cat sculpture urns, you should be able to find one that represents the unique character of your cat. Browse our entire collection of cremation urns for cats here.

Cremation Urns for Dogs

Urn Garden offers a large selection of cremation urns for dogs, from black metal urns with beautifully embossed golden paw prints to wooden urn boxes that you can personalize with a picture of your canine friend. Browse our entire collection of dog urns here.

Personalized Pet Memorial Stones

Our selection of memorial garden stones for pets can be customized to your heart’s desire. Most can be engraved with up to three lines of text, making them a uniquely personal way to remember a lost pet. Browse our entire collection of pet memorial stones here.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Our collection of memorial jewelry for pets features pendants finished in a variety of materials, including silver and gold. Each necklace comes with it’s own chain, matching the material the pendant is finished in. Each piece in our collection features unique designs, including dog bones, paw prints, and more. Browse the entire collection here.

Wooden Pet Cremation Boxes

At Urn Garden, you’ll find a variety of wood urn boxes for pets, which are used to store the ashes of dogs, cats, and other kinds of animals. Most of our wood cremation boxes can be customized and include a spot for a photograph of your pet. 

Small Keepsake Urns for Pets

For those looking for a pet urn that’s a bit smaller, look no further than our selection of keepsake cremation urns. Our keepsake urns can store a small portion of your pet's ashes, making it easy to take your pet with you wherever you go. 

Choosing the Right Size Urn for Your Pet

Beyond picking the style and material, you need to select an urn or container of the proper size, to accommodate the amount of ash returned to you by your vet or local pet crematory. It’s obvious there would be a greater volume of ash for a large dog than there would be for smaller animals such as a cat or rabbit. 

But there’s another factor you may not be aware of: pet cremains are often not as “processed” as human remains. The ‘ash” can be chunkier and take up more room in the urn (necessitating the selection of a larger urn). 

In truth, there is a good reason to “go larger” when choosing a pet cremation urn, simply because you may want to add to your pet’s memorial by placing his or her collar –or some other memento– into the urn, along with the ashes.