Pet Cremation Urns

Pet cremation urns come in a variety of styles ranging from sturdy metal  to elegant marble and glass to custom engraved selections. A unique pet memorial can be created on a small scale with a piece of cremation jewelry. Sometimes are pets are the most loyal companions we have, and saying goodbye to them can be as painful as saying goodbye to people we love. We're so sorry for your loss and we're here to help you find a memorial that meets your needs and creates the tribute that your beloved pet deserves. 

Pet Cremation Urns 

The relationship we have with a pet is uniquely intimate, physically and emotionally. There’s nothing more comforting than cuddling up with your beloved animal companion on a rainy afternoon. And there’s nothing quite like the loss of a pet, often our customers find that fact to be amazing; they’re admittedly more upset about the death of a beloved family pet than they are upon losing their own parents. Of course, it’s the loss of the pet’s physical presence and emotional closeness; but it’s also the loss of the total acceptance we feel when with our pets. Unlike others in our lives, our pets love us unconditionally. That’s a priceless gift, which lasts the lifetime of our pet. When gone, we do our best to acknowledge and honor their memory. Couple that desire with the decision to cremate, and the significance of a well-chosen pet cremation urn is fully understood. 

Americans and Their Pets

According to the 2015-2016 American Pet Products’ National Pet Owners Survey, well over half of U.S. households (65 %!) of U.S. households share their home with a pet. While most families include a dog and or cat, about 10% of Americans claim fish, 5% consider birds as “family.” Only 2% have reptiles, snakes, or lizards in their lives. Let’s not forget hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, and rabbits; even pigs and goats are popular pets, depending on the locale. Considering this variety, it’s easy to see how pet cremation urns would be equally as diverse; offering a grieving pet parent a wide range of sizes and materials. 

Our Collection of Pet Cremation Urns

For your ease, we’ve created three categories: cat cremation urns, cremation urns for dogs, and pet cremation jewelry. (And because so many people choose to create a garden memorial for their pet, we’ve also included a link to our collection of memorial stones for pets.)

Brose any of the three categories of pet cremation urns and you’ll quickly discover the enormous variety of styles and materials available. There is brass and bronze urns; and urns made of wood, marble, and intricately-detailed cast resin. . Some of the most popular are the photo urns, the heart-shaped urns, and pet cremation jewelry which features paw prints. 

Choosing the Right Urn for Your Pet

Beyond picking the style and material, you need to select an urn of the proper size, so as to accommodate the amount of ash returned to you by your vet or local pet crematory. It’s obvious there would be greater volume of ash for a large dog than there would be for smaller animals such as a cat or rabbit. 
But there’s another factor you may not be aware of: pet cremains are often not as “processed” as human remains. The ‘ash” can be chunkier and take up more room in the urn (necessitating the selection of a larger urn). 

In truth, there’s good reason to “go larger” when choosing a pet cremation urn, simply because you may want to add to your pet’s memorial by placing his or her collar –or some other memento– into the urn, along with the ashes. 

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