Memorial Stones for Pets

Memorial Stones for Pets<script type='text/javascript'>gtag('event','view_category',{" />

Pet memorial stones are good way to symbolize the friendship and loyalty a pet provides.  Often families choose the tree dedication stones to mark their pet's favorite tree and create a special place to honor their loved one.  Our pet memorial stones weather well and can be customized to fit the personality.  

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Memorial Stones for Pets

It doesn't seem possible a pet can leave a legacy after their passing. But in truth, your beloved animal companion has left a full, rich legacy of love. You''ll never lose that legacy - it's planted deep in your heart. And you can take a portion of his or her continued loving presence and shape it into a lovely garden, featuring one or more of our memorial stones for pets.

What's a Memorial Garden?

No one spends time thinking about the eventual death of those we love. Unfortunately, most of us don’t examine all the ways to mourn or pay tribute to them until we're forced to do so; As each of us struggles to find personally meaningful ways to acknowledge and honor our deceased loved ones, the idea of a creating a memorial garden became popular.

Basically, a memorial garden is a living tribute to a beloved friend or family member. It can be as small or as large as you want it to be; it can showcase any flowers, trees or shrubs you wish to grow. Through its continued care, it will flourish; its visual impact and emotional significance will grow.

Urn Garden's Learning Center offers additional insights into this memorial option; such as Creating a Memorial Garden and Memorial Gardens Promote Love and Healing. The Urn Garden blog, Life in the Garden, also features many posts on the subject.

Urn Garden's collection of memorial garden stones is growing too; keeping pace with the growing popularity of memorial gardens. To it we’ve added a number of fine memorial stones for pets, which we invite you to explore below. Many love the natural simplicity of the Outdoor River Rock Pet Urn; others prefer the artistic elegance of the Celtic Vine Pet Memorial Stone or the Tiptoe in the Garden Pet Memorial Gravestone. Whichever style you like best, know that some of our pet memorial stones can be personalities with custom engraving.

Having Trouble Making Up Your Mind?

It's not surprising grief affects our ability to think clearly. And it’s because of this natural consequence of loss; we’ve made the commitment to be your ally during this difficult time. If you’ve got any questions, any doubts or concerns about any of the memorial stones for pets you see here, call us at 1-888-876-1467 during business hours. You can also reach us by email, using our contact form. We will do our utmost to assist you in making the best possible decision for your situation.