Cremation Urns for Dogs

Cremation Urns for Dogs

Pet urns ranging from small to large sizes for dogs weighing up to 80 pounds in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are typically smaller than containers for humans. For pets weighing 100 pounds and up, look at the adult styles to find something suitable. 

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Pretty purple cremation urn is a medium size in a frosty shade of royal purple and trimed with spark..
Soft white enamel with a sweet teddy bear graphic, this smaller volume urn is suitable for either di..
Beautiful heart shape pet urn in warm wood tones with satin finish. Light wood inlay band contrasts ..
Pet Urn in heart shaped design for small cat or dog. Blue enamel heart with engraved silver band is ..
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Rainbow symbolizing the peaceful path, a bridge, if you will, for a precious pet's passing. Pro..
$165.00 $99.00
Pet Urn in heart shaped design with engraved paw prints. Ideal for small cat or dog breeds with..
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Pet Urn in heart shaped design in pretty light shade of purple. Ideal for small cat or dog..
$99.00 $85.00
Bronze paw print urn is for pet owners who want a lasting memorial suitable for indoors or outdoors...
Dimensions: .5" H x 8" L x 5" D Capacity: 100 cu. inches, good for pets up to 80 pounds. ..
This medium size cremation urn combines the mystery of rich smoky sable black with sparkling silver ..
Dimensions: 5" H x 8" L x 5" D Capacity: 100 cu. inches, good for dogs up to 80 pounds. Mater..
Bronze look pet cremation urn with embossed paw prints. Dimensions: 4" H x 5" W x 5" D ..
This small urn is ideal for a pet need or for families that want to share or keep a small portion of..
$125.00 $85.00
Birch wood with mahogany finish and protective clear coat for small pets weighing up to 30 pounds. C..
A smaller version of the White Pearl Cremation Urn is an elegant and sweet memorial for a family pet..
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Rich purple jewel tone cremation urn holds a small amount of ashes, Ideal for pets weighing 20-40 po..
Sweet baby blue pet urn perfect for small breeds weighing up to 20 pounds. Soft powder blue paint, h..
$65.00 $50.00
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White pearl urn for ashes is a medium size for human or beloved pet. Perfect memorial for a child or..
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Old friends silver and gold....our beautiful engraved golden brass and platinum cremation urn will h..
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Anubis pet urn is a replica of ancient canopic jars found in the Egyptian tombs. Bronze tone with ha..
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Create an elegant pet memorial with a black and gold Paw Print Pet Urn. High gloss enamel finish emb..
Egyptians revered cats and our Pyramid pet urn is a the perfect size for a small pet (10-15 pounds m..
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Popular Going Home pet urn with birds in flight on a blue and silver background. Handcrafted solid b..
Baby blue cremation urn is light, and airy butterfly theme for pets and celebrates the free spirit o..
Our Cobalt-Blue Metal Pet Urn is sponge painted by hand, has a protective polyurethane finish, a fel..

We depend on our dogs for solace; we play and laugh together, take long walks, and often share our bedroom with them. And when they pass from our lives, it’s natural to wish to honor their memory with a well-chosen dog cremation urn.

Selecting an Urn for Your Dog’s Ashes

Just as there are hundreds of breeds of dogs in the world today, there’s an equally large number of dog cremation urns available in the marketplace today. The first criterion is your intention, the second is urn size, and the final touchstone is your emotional reaction to the urn.

  • What are your memorialization plans? Will you display the urn in your home? Do you need keepsake urns so as to share your dog’s ashes with family members and friends? Answers to those questions will start your search in the right direction.
  • How large was your dog? It’s obvious, really; the volume of ash returned to you will be less for a small dog than it would be for a large one. Read the product description to determine if the dog cremation urn you’re looking at is appropriate to your needs. If you’re unsure, call us at 1-888-876-1467, or send an email using our contact form.
  • When viewing urns; measure your emotional response. When viewing one of our dog cremation urns, ask “How does this urn make me feel?” The urn you select should be one that comforts and helps to heal your broken heart and pleases your artistic sense. Take into account whether you prefer marble, cast resin, metal, or wood– but don’t limit yourself. Remember, your beloved dog’s urn needs to be something you can look at with the same good feelings for years to come.

Making all of these decisions can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ll say it again...

We're Always Here to Help

When you've got questions, when you need guidance, when you’d just like to ‘talk it through’ before making the final decision about a dog cremation urn, call us. You can reach one of our cremation urn experts at 1-888-876-1467 during business hours.