White Cremation Urns for Ashes

White Cremation Urns for Ashes

Cremation urns in the color white can convey a message or meaning without a word. So fresh, shades of white can remind us of a peaceful snowy day. Light, airy, and pure, white may remind us of an angel gown or wings. Crisp and clean, white might reflect innocence and a young life.

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Sweet bluebird perched on a lilac branch reminds us to find joy in life and enjoy the natural gifts ..
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Beautiful urn with roses that are brilliant against a snow white background. Red, pink, and pea..
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This cremation urn features a brightly painted crimson cardinal sitting on the branch of a dogwood t..
$185.00 $150.00
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This small cremation urn features a bright crimson cardinal sitting on a blooming dogwood branc..
Sturdy metal adult size cremation urn emblazoned with American Flag. Red, white, and blue against on..
Sleek and stylish cremation vial embedded with sparkling crystal gemstone, perfect way to honor..
Beautiful blooming tree of butterflies. Multi-color butterfly wings on a white background prote..
Ceramic cremation urn created by American artists and inspired by American Indian pottery and burial..
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Cardinal perched on a pretty pink dogwood branch. Sturdy metal urn with soft watercolor effects on a..
Cross of Many Colors cremation urn celebrates the love of Christ with tiny multi-color hearts to sym..
White washed wooden photo frame cremation urn with natural wood grains and solid mahogany base. Beau..
Heart of Texas cremation urn celebrates the love of country with the American flag stylized into the..
Fluttering hummingbird coming in to sip the sweet nectar of pretty pink flowers. Sturdy metal urn wi..
Soft white enamel with a sweet teddy bear graphic, this smaller volume urn is suitable for either di..
Sturdy metal adult size urn for ashes with the ancient symbol of tree of life to celebrate family he..
White Diamond cremation urn is a full size urn designed to safely store the ashes of an adult. ..
White Diamond cremation urn is a mini size urn designed to safely store a small amount of cremains.&..
Crisp white metal urn with a pastel dragonfly design. Playful and symbolic of transformation and cha..
Dimensions: 7" D x 11" H Capacity: 220 cu. inches, suitable for adult weighing up to 220 pounds..
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The open arms of Jesus remind us that he is with us always. Beautiful image of a welcoming savi..
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Dimensions: 6" D x 11" H Capacity: 220 cu. inches, suitable for adults weighing up to 220 pound..
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Piano keys play the song of life and reminds us that the music lives on for eternity. Cherry st..
$165.00 $99.00
Pretty pearl white urn, holds the ashes of an adult. Hand carved golden angel wings arch form a hear..
$185.00 $125.00
The Carolina Rose cremation urn is crafted from fine porcelain and made in America. Heirloom roses i..
Measures: 10" tall  Capacity:  230 cubic inches  Material: Ceramic Made in t..
$215.00 $185.00

The Meaning and Symbolism Of White

Ancient Egyptians associated white with the goddess Isis and of course wrapped their mummies in strips of white linen.Romans wore white togas for ceremonial events in the forum. Early Christians referred to white in art to symbolize sacrifice and grace, using images of lambs, robes, and the white glow of halos.

Many of the cremation urns in this collection feature themes in nature, like birds, messengers to the spirit world. Favorite feathered friends include the energetic hummingbird and the charismatic cardinal. Angels are a timeless classic as well as dragons, popular in Chinese culture.Soft shades of Ivory can be seen with the twisted twining Celtic knot design. So many choices in the white cremation urn collection.