Cremation Urns

Browse our galleries to find the right cremation urn that suits your needs to create the perfect memorial. Here we showcase styles in that are crafted in wood, metal, and glass in small and large sizes that will safely guard the ashes of both humans and pets.

How to Buy A Cremation Urn


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If you are ready to start shopping, but not sure where to begin, browse our Family Favorites page for inspiration. You'll find vibrant colors, beach, angels, bird and butterfly nature themes that will honor your loved one. It's a good place to start, and if you still can't find what you're looking for and need help, contact us for questions and recommendations.

You already know that cremation urns are containers used to hold the ashes of a deceased loved one. Cremation urns are by no means a required purchase, and crematories often supply families with ashes in bags or temporary plastic boxes. That's fine if you plan to bury or scatter the ashes later; but many people prefer to honor their loved ones by storing cremains in a more personalized, permanent container that reflects what was special about them.

Purchasing a cremation urn offers individuals the chance to remember a loved one with a beautiful safe, sacred space worthy of the cherished memories inside. Additionally, cremation urns also give family members the ability to share and distribute the ashes amongst themselves, so everyone can keep their own memorial and display it in the way they see best.

Once you choose an urn, what you do with it is your choice entirely. Some people like to display cremation urns at home on the mantle, or shelves inside decorative cabinets, or the dresser or book shelf, where it can be seen daily. Others choose to store the ashes in a secure place and then scatter them in a meaningful location at a later time. Additionally, some cemeteries even offer cremation niches inside columbariums as a safe place for family members to store the remains of their loved ones.

Cremation urns are made with a variety of materials ranging from wood, brass and alloy, to granite, glass and even bamboo. More recently, biodegradable urns have become more popular as well. These kinds of urns for ashes are typically made with sand, salt, paper, tree bark, and other kinds of earth friendly materials.

Many cremation urns can also reflect the culture, history or interests of a deceased loved one. For example, Irish Celtic Urns can honor Irish heritage. Or an American eagle funeral urn can be used to remember the sacrifice and service of a fallen soldier or veteran. 

Whether you’re looking for something delicately ornate, or plain and simple, we have a host of options to choose from. With personalized cremation urns for veterans, infants and children, companions and more, our selection of carefully crafted memorials certainly suits our diverse clientele.