What Size Urn Do You Need?

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How To Determine Size of Cremation Urn Needed

Face it, you don't urn shop everyday. Don't be intimidated, here's the basics for selecting the right size. Safeguarding the ashes of a loved one is a very important function of the urn and is also intended to be a means of capturing the personality of the deceased. Size, function, and style are the keys.


Average displacement of an adult human cremation urn is 180-200 cubic inches. Note that we said "average". Bone density, height, and processing of the cremains impacts the volume. But as an average rule, if you plan to keep all the ashes, you'll want an urn of 200 cubic inch capacity. Most of Urn Garden's adult size containers are 180-300 cubic inches and are designed to hold the remains of an adult. Many of the sites that sell urns on the internet reference the rule of 1 cubic inch per pound of body weight. This is a general guide, and it's not really about the weight, see references abovve. Just know that even if your loved one weighed over 200 pounds, a standard size adult cremation urn should work.


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Urns for Two Sets of Ashes

Want an urn that will hold the ashes for two people? A companion urn is designed to contain the complete cremains (ashes) of two adults. Cubic inch volume capacity range is 400-500. Most of the styles in this category are simply oversized double capacity and the ashes will be co-mingled. There are a couple of styles that do have dividers allowing for separation. The oversized urns are also used for large indviduals whose weight exceeds the capacity on a standard size container.


Is your family sharing or spreading a portion of the ashes?

Smaller keepsake, scattering, and pet sizes are available. These are the smallest sizes on the market (besides jewelry) and will hold anywhere from a trace amount up to half of the cremated remains depending on the volume. Sometimes families will purchase several of the small sizes to divide the cremains and create small memorials.


Traveling With the Ashes: Getting Through the Airport

If you plan to fly with the ashes, special considerations are in order for the airport. TSA requires that you have an urn that will pass through the scanner. Wood, biodegradeable, or ceramic should be acceptable. Security will not open the urn under any circumstances. In order to avoid delays or other inconviences educate yourself regarding transporting an urn on an airplane. 


The selection of the cremation urn is one the first steps in memorializing your loved one. Urn Garden offers many creative ways to pay tribute to your cherished lost one. If you choose to have a ceremony or funeral-memorial service, it is appropriate to have an urn containing the cremains or ashes present. However, for those of the Catholic faith, in some diocese, local permission is needed for the cremated remains of the body to be present at Mass.


Consider style and personality. What material do you prefer? Favorite colors or passions? Cremation urns made from metal,wood, ceramic and marble can be personalized with brass nameplates and medallions. Keepsakes and jewelry are designed to contain the partial remains of an adult, or the complete cremains of an infant or youth.


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