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LenetteHall 01 Oct 0 4401
The most traditional type of storage for cremated remains is a cremation urn. Containers can be made from a wide variety of materials, including wood, bronze, or other metals. They can be used indoors or outdoors, as you please. Some families prefer ..
simon 02 Oct 0 4231
Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust. Many families are choosing to take a very natural approach to cremation by going green. Biodegradable Urns are designed with environmentally conscious families in mind, whether they choose earth burial, water burial, or ..
simon 03 Oct 0 4026
Cremation urns are available in many different materials and styles. By understanding the choices that are available when choosing a crematory urn, you will be able to make a decision that is appropriate for your situation. The first thing to keep in..
simon 08 Nov 0 5781
The lost-wax process of casting is one of the oldest methods used in creating bronze statues and urns. Introduced in Ancient Greece, this practice was popularized during the Renaissance Period. Today, foundries have improved upon this method, using m..
simon 06 Oct 0 4031
When you choose a ceramic cremation urn, you are choosing a unique work of art. The craft of pottery and ceramic making is an ancient skill dating back literally thousands of years. The beauty of a ceramic or pottery urn is its versatility, whether y..
simon 08 Nov 0 3296
Cloisonné is an ancient art form invented by the French and perfected by the Chinese, and predates stained glass art. Cloisonné is a statement of strength and beauty, constructed from brass, copper and colored enamel, cloisonné is handcrafted and fi..
LenetteHall 08 Oct 0 3326
Clients are drawn to the beauty of Cloisonné urns and often are under the impression that they are made from glass or ceramic. The truth is that this style of cremation urn is made from metal. Cloisonne is a multi stage process where colorful layers ..
simon 07 Oct 0 3697
Cremation jewelry comes in a myriad of varieties: from lockets, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Many pieces of this jewelry, such as a locket, are designed in the traditional sense as a small container that opens up so that something can be placed i..
simon 08 Nov 0 5958
Earth, Wind and Fire. Glass and crystal cremation urns have all the elements of nature and can easily stand on their own as a work of art. This is perhaps why these two materials are extremely popular. By understanding how crystal and glass cremation..
LenetteHall 18 Sep 0 6926
The timeless style and mystery of ancient Egyptian culture has become a popular choice for families seeking unique funeral urns. Rich symbolism and ancient signs of protection transcend into modern culture as cremation burial urns. Egyptians revered ..
simon 01 Nov 0 3890
Affordable Gold Jewelry for Ashes For families that want a gold urn pendant but can't afford to purchase a 14K piece, Urn Garden has an affordable line of high quality gold plated cremation jewelry. Vermeil (pronounced Ver-may) is a combination of st..
simon 30 Oct 0 3668
If you are shopping for funeral merchandise, you've probably seen the term "keepsake urns". This is simply a mini version of the full size containers, designed to store a small amount of ashes or lock of hair. So many times, customers are make their ..
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