Bird, Flower, Butterfly Urn

Bird, Flower, Butterfly Urn

Birds and Butterflies are a symbol of freedom, earth and air and flowers can symbolize a number of different messages of love,spirituality, and remembrance. Urn Garden offers a variety of bird, flower, and butterfly urn options to choose from. 

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Elegant Blue Cremation Urn has powder blue finish suggesting the sky and sea and trimmed with shiny ..
This mini butterfly cremation urn will hold a small token amount of ashes. Traditional vase shaped d..
Cardinal cremation urn is for the ashes of an adult and features the most popular state bird in Unit..
$185.00 $150.00
Based on 16 reviews.
This small cardinal urn is a tiny jeweled keepsake designed to hold a bit of ashes, small piece of j..
Based on 16 reviews.
Sweet little hummingbird keepsake urn lifts open from the top to store a small amount of ashes or ot..
$48.00 $48.00
Crisp white metal urn with a pastel dragonfly design. Playful and symbolic of transformation and cha..
Beautifully painted hummingbird sculpture doubles as a mini memorial. The top lifts to reveal a stor..
Hummingbird Urn for ashes features a classic scene of the happy hummingbird sipping on a flower.&nbs..
Sky blue butterfly urn is a standard size urn for human adults. Butterflies with wings spread o..
Size: 11" H x 7" W  Standard Adult Capacity: 200 cubic inches. Secure threaded lid. Th..
Based on 8 reviews.
Butterflies symbolize earth and air. Many of our families select cloisonne urns when planning to kee..
Based on 2 reviews.
Material: Metal SIze: 2" H x 2.75" L Capacity: trace amount of ashes Hinged magnetic closur..
Based on 2 reviews.
Beautiful butterfly urn will store a small amount of ashes or cremation jewelry when not being worn...
Beautiful butterfly urn stores a small amount of ashes or other tiny treasures. Hand painted metal i..
Midnight blue highly polished cremation urn with a glowing mother of pearl long stemmed rose. The dr..
One of a kind hummingbird Raku pottery. Adult size cremation jar. Hand thrown pottery, fired in the ..
Based on 2 reviews.
This memorial urn celebrates the life of your loved one with the free spirit and natural beauty of t..
Based on 2 reviews.
Hummingbird urn jewelry in stamped sterling silver with a compartment to hold a tiny memorial like a..
Deep jewel tone blue sapphire cremation urn with elegant silver floral and leaf details. Blue can sy..
$165.00 $99.00
Beautiful blue cameo butterfly trimmed in sterling silver.  Fine jewelry that doubles as a mini..
Graceful purple cremation urn with elegant silver floral and leaf details. Purple can symbolize rega..
Our busy hummingbird is buzzing over a flower about to take a sip of sweet nectar. This mini urn is ..
$60.00 $48.00
Based on 14 reviews.
Crystal pink butterfly urn is a standard size urn for human adults. Hand etched silver butterflys on..
Based on 2 reviews.
Beautiful small butterfly box will store a keepsake portion of cremains or other memento. Made from ..
Ceramic cremation urn created by American artists and inspired by American Indian pottery and burial..
Based on 3 reviews.

The Importance of the Bird and Butterfly Urn to Us

Many of our families have requested urns with these images to honor the spirit of their loved one. From bluebirds and hummingbirds to stunning butterflies, doves, and lush gardens, we're inspired by the natural beauty found on this earth and want to offer the families we serve the opportunity to shop for gorgeous memorials that will be secure storage for the ashes of the departed.

Urns in Honor of Our Grandmother

This collection of urns featuring birds and butterfly designs is dedicated to my grandmother who was so crazy about birds that we named her condo "The Fowl House" due to her enormous collection of bird themed decor. In addition to the statues, figurines, wall art, and Christmas decorations, she had feeders hanging outside and was especially fond of hummingbirds. She was an avid bird watcher and had books and field guides close by for identification. 

Grandmother loved birds, but also all things in nature, including the beauty of the trees changing with the seasons. When someone close to her died, she would plant a flower or blooming bush in their memory, preferring plants that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds. We cherish her memory and honor her spirit here with this collection of bird, flower, and butterfly urns.

Bird Urn

Ancients believed that after death, the soul leaves the body in the form of a bird and were messengers to the gods. Birds often appear on grave markers and cremation urns as they symbolize the freedom of the spirit. In fact, a bird in flight can represent a soul that is now free from its body. Doves have long been used within the Christian faith as a symbol of peace as well as the Holy Spirit. Eagles are also prominently used for urns and markers of military personnel as it represents service to our country. Cardinals have been popular lately as a reminder of a departed loved one when they are seen nearby.

Flower Urn

Flowers can symbolize a wide variety of messages, from love, friendship, innocence, general remembrance. Cremation urns adorned with flowers further commemorate not only specific meaning but also a general love and appreciation for nature.


The rose offers many symbolizations, including love, spirituality, purity and innocence. The specific symbol or meaning, however, is determined by the color of the rose. The classic red is a symbol of grief and love. Yellow is used to show a bond shared between friends. And pink is used to express thankfulness. We offer cremation urns with different colored roses.


Sunflowers symbolize feelings of adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Much meaning is derived from the flower’s namesake, the sun. They are known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect symbol for one who brought joy to your life. Our sunflower urn is a ftiting memorial. 


Irises also have many symbolic meanings, depending on their color. The purple iris symbolizes royalty and wisdom. The yellow iris symbolizes passion. While blue irises symbolize faith and hope. Our iris urns are elegant and lovely memorials. 

Butterfly Urn

The butterfly is a common symbol of the connection between life and death, making them a fitting decoration for urns. Butterflies are a representation of death as well as rebirth after death. Many cultures, from ancient times to the present, believe that the butterfly is a manifestation of the souls of those recently passed. In ancient Greece, for example, the word for butterfly was  “psyche,” which also translates to “soul.” In Ireland, there is a saying that goes, “Butterflies are souls of the dead, waiting to pass through purgatory.” Butterfly urns will also represent the symbolism of several cultures. They are a meaningful memorial for many.

At Urn Garden, We Strive To Offer A Variety Of Quality Cremation Products

We've been selling cremation urns and jewelry for over 15 years here on the internet and have hand-picked the styles that families love. When we first started, urn choices were limited. Now? The market has exploded with hundreds of selections. We carry a number of different styles of urns, we're here to help simplify the process, and provide options that honor your loved one. Take a closer look at our selection of bird, flower, and butterfly urns to see if they are the right memorial for your loved one. 

We Work Together To Create A Beautiful Memorial For Your Loved One

When you buy a cremation urn from Urn Garden, you are supporting American jobs and helping artists here in the USA. We are a small family owned business and we shop the world to bring you the best choices, but we really try to showcase American craftsmen who really care about creating a work of art to honor your loved one.

Looking For A Particular Bird, Flower, or Butterfly Urn?

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