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Bird, Flower, Butterfly Cremation Urn

From bluebirds and hummingbirds to stunning butterflies, doves, lush gardens and flowers, we're inspired by the natural beauty found on this earth and want to offer the families we serve the opportunity to shop for gorgeous bird, flower, and butterfly cremation urns that will be secure storage for the ashes of the departed.

Crystal blue butterfly urn is a small size urn for keepsake portions of cremated ash. Brilliant blue butterflys flutter on a crisp white background symbolize the flight of the spirit,rebirth, and the connection of heaven and earth. Dimensions: 2.75″ H x 1.5″ W Capacity: holds about a&n..
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Crystal white butterfly urn is a standard size urn for human adults. Hand etched silver butterflies on a soothing white background symbolize the flight of the spirit and rebirth. Dimensions: 10.5″ H x 6" W Capacity: Standard Human 220 cubic inch Threaded Lid Material: Metal Handc..
Our purple pansy cremation urn collection is inspired by summer flower gardens. These fine porcelain memorial urns are designed using old world techniques and feature crisp white porcelain accented with elegant floral designs and hand painted 24 karat gold rings. Each urn is desi..
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Our hand blown and hand painted glass urn offers enchanting images of birds and blossoms. Created with the rich colors of nature, aqua, cobalt blue, violet and trimmed with 24-kt gold; the Secret Garden urn exemplifies elegance and a contemporary style. Made in Czech Republic by Bohemian artisans. ..
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Cherry Wood Butterfly Urn Box for Ashes, Made in USA Cherry Wood Butterfly Urn Box for Ashes, Made in USA
Made In U.S.A.
Our butterfly box for ashes is carved out of cherry hardwoods highlighting the beauty of nature and the warmth and of natural wood.Hand carved details rubbed to a warm glowing finish bring out the deep tones of the wood and graining. All natural wood species available in cherry or walnut, c..
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Irish Rose cremation urn is layered in multiple coats of iridescent green lacquer to give the vase a rich sheen that changes colors, depending on the light.  Hand etched single long-stemmed rose in copper overlay to symbolize the ultimate love. Measures: 10" H x 6" Adult Size..
This ceramic cremation urn is Raku fired elegance with an embossed butterfly on earth tone glazes.  The colors of nature, green, copper, and sometimes a flash of blue, combine with the natural elements of earth, wind, and fire create a one of kind memorial urn. Made in America by caring co..
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Beautiful blue cameo butterfly trimmed in sterling silver.  Fine jewelry that doubles as a mini memorial that discreetly and safely stores a small amount of cremated ash, lock of hair or other loving reminder. Butterflies represent the flight and renewal of the spirit. Size: 3/4" di..
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Mother of pearl mourning doves glisten against a dark ruby background and pay tribute to the gentle sweet nature of a departed loved one. The simple dove has powerful spiritual significance in many cultures and for some, represents peace, innocence, and freedom to spread our wings and take flight fr..
Midnight blue highly polished cremation urn with a glowing mother of pearl long stemmed rose. The dramatic contrast of light and dark creates an attractive memorial. This urn is also available in ruby red.Size: Adult Urn Material: Metal Dimensions: 6" D x 10" H Secure threaded lid. In..
Eagle Spirit in the Sky White Wood Urn Box Eagle Spirit in the Sky White Wood Urn Box
Free Engraving
Humans have connected with the majesty and spirit of the eagle for centuries. We've tried to capture this emotion with the powerful image of the eagle with wings spread on this white photo box for ashes. We'll add names and dates at no extra cost. Attractive enough for display, but also suitable for..
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Glass and stainless steel butterfly is a tiny urn that will safely store a bit of ashes and doubles as fine jewelry. This necklace represents the free flight of the spirit. Size: 13/16" W x 11/16" H. Holds a trace amount of ashes. Comes with full instructions and necessary ..
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Bird & Butterfly Urns in Honor of Our Grandmother

This collection of urns featuring birds and butterfly designs is dedicated to my grandmother who was so crazy about birds that we named her condo "The Fowl House" due to her enormous collection of bird themed decor. In addition to the statues, figurines, wall art, and Christmas decorations, she had feeders hanging outside and was especially fond of hummingbirds. She was an avid bird watcher and had books and field guides close by for identification. 

Grandmother loved birds, but also all things in nature, including the beauty of the trees changing with the seasons. When someone close to her died, she would plant a flower or blooming bush in their memory, preferring plants that would attract butterflies and hummingbirds. We cherish her memory and honor her spirit here with this collection of bird, flower, and butterfly cremation urns.

Symbolism and Meaning

Bird Urns

Ancients believed that after death, the soul leaves the body in the form of a bird and were messengers to the gods. Birds often appear on grave markers and cremation urns as they symbolize the freedom of the spirit. In fact, a bird in flight can represent a soul that is now free from its body. Doves have long been used within the Christian faith as a symbol of peace as well as the Holy Spirit. Eagles are also prominently used for urns and markers of military personnel as it represents service to our country. Cardinals have been popular lately as a reminder of a departed loved one when they are seen nearby.

Flower Urn

Flowers can symbolize a wide variety of messages, from love, friendship, innocence, general remembrance. Cremation urns adorned with flowers further commemorate not only specific meaning but also a general love and appreciation for nature.


The rose offers many symbolizations, including love, spirituality, purity and innocence. The specific symbol or meaning, however, is determined by the color of the rose. The classic red is a symbol of grief and love. Yellow is used to show a bond shared between friends. And pink is used to express thankfulness. We offer cremation urns with different colored roses.


Sunflowers symbolize feelings of adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Much meaning is derived from the flower’s namesake, the sun. They are known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect symbol for one who brought joy to your life. Our sunflower urn is a fitting memorial. 


Irises also have many symbolic meanings, depending on their color. The purple iris symbolizes royalty and wisdom. The yellow iris symbolizes passion. While blue irises symbolize faith and hope. Our iris urns are elegant and lovely memorials.

Butterfly Urns

The butterfly is a common symbol of the connection between life and death, making them a fitting decoration for urns. Butterflies are a representation of death as well as rebirth after death. Many cultures, from ancient times to the present, believe that the butterfly is a manifestation of the souls of those recently passed. In ancient Greece, for example, the word for butterfly was; “psyche,” which also translates to “soul.” In Ireland, there is a saying that goes, “Butterflies are souls of the dead, waiting to pass through purgatory.” Butterfly urns will also represent the symbolism of several cultures. Birds, butterfly and flowers are a meaningful memorial for many.

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