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Frequently Asked Questions

Most orders will ship within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but once we get it on the truck, our free delivery service is usually 3-5 business days. For more detailed information on transit time, check our delivery schedule.We use several different carriers in order to keep costs down for our customers. Fed Ex and USPS are our preferred carriers, but we also use UPS and DHL on occasion.

Engraved Orders usually ship on Tuesday and Thursday.

If you need a faster guaranteed delivery date, upgraded overnight and 2 day deliveries are available for an additional fee. It's a good idea for rush orders to call and verify stock status and note the date needed on your order with good contact info in the event we need to follow up.

Of course, just note shipping information, your contact at the funeral home, and the deceased's name when you order, and list a good phone number to reach you if we have a question about your purchase.

Of course! Our website is secure, and we have been helping families like yours for many years, we are American owned and operated. If you are more comfortable phoning in your order, call us! Personal service is our specialty and we'd be honored to assist you.

A: Here's a few tips:

  • Confirm that the shipping address you provided is correct.
  • Check with neighbors to make sure package wasn't dropped off by mistake.
  • Check with your local carrier ASAP with your tracking information.
  • Wait a couple days to see if it turns up, sometimes USPS marks packages delivered ahead of time.
  • Once packages are scanned and marked as delivered, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, however, we will investigate how to handle on a case by case basis.

Since urns come in several different sizes, we need to know what the plan is for the final resting place. Is this for an adult, child, or pet? Do you plan to bury, scatter, divide, or store all of the ashes? A very general guide in the memorial industry is to use a 1 cubic inch capacity to one pound of weight at the time of death as a measurement. Know that this guideline can vary somewhat. Most of the adult urns that we carry on our website are 200-225 cubic inches. The average adult dispersement at time of cremation is about 170 cubic inches.

When you see the term "keepsake" this means that it's a small capacity urn and will only hold a portion of an adult's ashes, but might be suitable for families that are going to share or spread portions, or for a child or pet.

There is also a limited selection of urns that will hold the ashes of two people. Look for cubic inch capacity of 300-400 cubic inches.

We need to know if the urn will be buried, will it be placed in an above ground space at the cemetery, or kept in the home? Are you scattering or spreading the ashes? If so, land or water? All of these factors could impact your choice. In order to make the best decision, consider the materials and your usage.

  • Brass:  Affordable, secure, and versatile. So many decorative choices, suitable for burial, usually sized well for cemetery columbarium walls, and displays well in the home.
  • Bronze: Premium choice, good for those that want a scultpure look that blends into the decor of your home, lasts a lifetime and will develop a beautiful patina over time.
  • Wood:  Beauty and warmth. Usually lighter weight than the metal. Handcrafted finishes, easily engraved. Suitable for burial in a grave, check with your cemetery to see if they allow wood in the above ground walls.

A: Most of the brass and other metals weigh anywhere from 4-7 pounds. Marble and bronze are sturdy materials and will weigh in the range of 15-40 pounds or more. Ceramic and glass are lighter weight, usually 3-4 pounds. Just know that once the urn is filled, the ashes can add up to 7 more pounds.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: Of course! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See our terms of service for more information regarding our return policy.

Your funeral director will help. If you plan to make the transfer yourself, most of our vase shape styles open from the top. Many wood and sculpture urns will load from the bottom and have a plate that can be removed with screws. If you have the temporary plastic container from the funeral home, the ashes are usually bagged inside the box and either pour through a funnel or simply place the bag inside the urn. There are some memorial chest styles with a hinged locking lid that opens easily and will accept the box from the funeral home. You can simply place the ashes inside, close and lock for safekeeping.

Most of our brass urns have secure threaded lids, and are self sealing, although sometimes families opt to add a drop of glue to the threads for an added measure of security. Many of the wood urns load from the bottom and have a panel that screws into place. Cloisonne, marble and other materials usually load from the top and can be easily sealed with a few beads of any clear household adhesive. Cremation jewelry comes with funnel for filling and glue for sealing.

Of course! We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. See our terms of service for more information regarding our return policy.

The website is our digital catalog, we do not offer a print version at this time.

We do supply mortuaries. Contact us for more information.

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