How To Fill Cremation Urn Jewelry

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how to fill cremation urn jewelry

how to fill cremation urn jewelry

  • Remove cap from jewelry.
  • Place funnel in neck of pendant.
  • Using a small spoon, fill the urn pendant no more than 90% full with fine cremated remains.
  • After filling, remove funnel and clear cremated remains from neck of pendant with pick.
  • Before gluing, remove and replace cap several times to ensure clean threads.
  • Lay pendant on polish cloth while mixing epoxy.
  • Mix epoxy following package directions. It is very important to measure equal parts of resin and hardener. Mix well until color becomes cloudy.
  • With pick, spread epoxy carefully inside neck of urn pendant, being very careful not to get epoxy on urn surface.
  • Replace cap of pendant, being careful to position cap properly. Some pendants may have to be left loose a quarter of a turn to have a loop line up properly. This is not a concern because the threads and epoxy seal pendants.
  • Line up cap so necklace chain can be threaded from one side of pendant to the other. If pendant is threaded front to back, chain will twist and pendant will not hang correctly.
  • Filigree pendants are sealed by unscrewing the bottom of urn pendant. Fill glass cylinder. Apply one drop of glue to top of glass cylinder cap. Slide glass cylinder into filigree casing, press and hold for one minute. Apply small amount of glue to inside base of silver cap. Screw on cap to secure cylinder.
  • Tear Drops, Bears, and Cherub Urns are filled by removing screw from bottom of the pendants. Epoxy is applied to inside of opening and screw is replaced.
  • Epoxy bonds in five minutes. We recommend a 24-hour waiting period before the pendants are worn to insure full bond strength
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CARE & CLEANING of Your Cremation Jewelry

To maintain bond, pendant should not be immersed in water. Sterling silver can be restored as needed to bring back the shine with silver cleaner applied with a jeweler's cloth to avoid scratching. The gold-plated urn jewelry is coated in 100 milligrams of gold, making vermeil one of the best grades of plating available. A damp cloth will restore shine; we do not recommend polishing creams.


People's skin types react differently to all types of metals and may cause metal to tarnish. Please consider this aspect when making your purchase.