American Made Cremation Urns

American Made Cremation Urns

While shopping for an urn is obviously not the most joyful of occasions, choosing from cremation urns that are beautifully crafted by artists here in the United States may add a silver lining to the process. Honoring the memory of your loved one with a locally crafted vessel is a great choice to be able to make. Urn Garden values the ability to support American artists and is proud to offer you a wide array of American made cremation urns.

Our Made In The USA gallery features urns made and manufactured in the US, with popular themes that include motorcycles, hummingbirds, butterflieshorses, and golf. From full-size human adult urns to pet cremation urns for your beloved companions, we have American made cremation urns for every need.

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Cremation urn featuring the powerful lion resting peacefully while guarding the ashes of your l..
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Pretty blue hydrangeas and sweet little bird on an ivory cremation urn made in the USA and sized for..
Adult size urn for ashes with pretty blue and white flowers and yellow butterflies on an ivory backg..
Raku style fired adult ceramic cremation urn embossed with a iconic intertwined Celtic cross pa..
Cardinal cremation urn is crafted from fine porcelain and made in America. Male and female cardinals..
Pretty pink and blue wildflower on an ivory cremation urn made in the USA and sized for an adult.&nb..
Adult size urn for ashes featuring pretty roses, sprigs of lavender sprinkled with sweet daises make..
This ceramic cremation urn is Raku fired elegance with an embossed butterfly on earth tone glazes.&n..
This ceramic cremation urn is fired in the ancient Japanese Raku style to create a one of kind hand ..
Happy yellow sunflowers and a sweet little bird grace this cremation urn and is made in the USA. Ivo..
American made cremation urn. This box is crafted in gorgeous cherry hard wood with ca..
Beautiful Celtic design adult box for ashes,hand crafted in hard cherry by an American master wood w..
Double size cremation urn for two people. Beautiful Celtic design adult box for ashes,hand crafted i..
Made in the USA by American craftsmen with attention to detail. Features cherry red color and large ..
Handcrafted adult size cherry wood urn features three deer with mountains in the background framed b..
Beautiful shades of copper shimmer on this stoneware cremation urn.  Drip style glaze pott..
Hand-thrown ceramic with a glossy iridescent blue base glaze with flashes of purple, golds, greens, ..
Medium size, hand-thrown ceramic with a matte pealized glaze that with flashes of purple, golds, gre..
Beautiful adult box for ashes,hand crafted in mahogany by an American master wood worker. Hand ..
Misty Blue cremation urn is crafted from natural stoneware in soft shades of blue and gray. Drip sty..
Hand-thrown ceramic with a matte pealized glaze that with flashes of purple, golds, greens, turquois..
Medium size, hand-thrown ceramic with a matte pealized glaze that with flashes of purple, golds, gre..
Elegant American made navy blue adult cremation urn in classic heart shape, the eternal symbol ..
Walnut hardwood cremation box with carved Celtic Cross emblem will hold the ashes of an adult. You c..
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One of a kind blown glass starfish using a small portion of your loved one's cremated ashes. Ma..

Cremation Urns Crafted With Quality Materials

Our artists craft quality memorials in wood, Raku pottery, metal sculpture, and other mediums that are made with compassion and pay tribute to your loved one. There’s just something special about buying products that are made here in the U.S., even purchases like cremation urns.

The American artists that craft these urns use a wide range of materials, which allow Urn Garden to offer a broad variety of American made cremation urns. Some of the materials our artists use include:

ceramic & pottery
blown glass
● fiberglass
● pewter
natural stone
● granite
wood, and more

Unique Urn Styles & Designs Made in the USA

We offer cremation urns that come in all different shapes and sizes. There are many different box shaped options, some made of wood with intricate carving or inlay designs, some made of fiberglass with high quality painted art, some with cold casted metal that feature additional sculpting on top. We offer cremation urns with room to display burial flags and many other urns that honor a military history. There are some urns that are extremely unique in shape: Texas longhorns, sunflowers, deer, bald eagles, guitars, and more. We also offer cremation urns that are made of stone or granite and are suitable for an outdoor memorial.

Urn Garden Supports Local Artists

Urn Garden knows the importance of supporting local businesses and artists here in the U.S.,and in case you feel it too, we offer plenty of American made cremation urn options. We’ve found a great collection of artists that do excellent work and provide high quality products. This way,you too can choose to support local artists when honoring your loved one. Here at Urn Garden, we care about your desire to honor your loved one the right way, and we want to do our part to provide the best products and options for you to do just that.