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American Made Cremation Urns

While shopping for an urn is obviously not the most joyful of occasions, choosing from cremation urns that are beautifully crafted by artists here in the United States may add a silver lining to the process. Honoring the memory of your loved one with a locally crafted vessel is a great choice to be able to make. Urn Garden values the ability to support American artists and is proud to offer you a wide array of American made cremation urns.

Our Made In The USA gallery features urns made and manufactured in the US, with popular themes that include motorcycles, hummingbirds, butterflieshorses, and golf. From full-size human adult urns to pet cremation urns for your beloved companions, we have American made cremation urns for every need.

Create a special memorial urn from solid granite to honor a loved one. Suitable for outdoor use or burial. Natural quarried black granite will stand up to harsh weather conditions and the polished top makes a perfect place to personalize with name, dates and artwork.Adult. Capacity: 200 cubic..
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Urn pendant styled as the fish symbol, representative of the Christian faith and has ancient roots in the Celtic and Druid culture. Our jeweler uses high quality gold, 100 mg. to dip over sterling silver.Urn pendant measures 3/8" W x 3/4" H Comes with black silk cord. Chain sold separately...
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Bronze Firefighter Helmet Cremation Urn Bronze Firefighter Helmet Cremation Urn
Made In U.S.A.
The bronze fireman helmet is a cremation urn that represents the courage and loyal spirit of the firefighter. Personalize with rank and city location of fire station on the front emblem. Last name can be imprinted on the back of the helmet depending on character spacing.Our bronze cremation urns..
$1,995.00 $2,400.00
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Beautiful adult size urn for ashes, honors the brave heart of a firefighter. Hand crafted in hard cherry by an American master wood worker. Hand tooled design featuring the Maltese cross framed with Celtic knotting and chain detail to symbolize infinity and good fortune for the final journey.Th..
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Bass fishing cremation urn is a unique design that can be wall mounted in your home or lodge. Super tribute for the sportsman, this really is a trophy made by American craftsman that is suitable for not only hanging as a piece of art but could also be buried. Ancient ceramic artistry, sculpted organ..
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This little cremation urn is a regal sculpted mallard to pay tribute to the unique and delightful spirit of your loved one and is a mini version of the full size. Vibrantly painted plumage and perched on a solid base, this duck could stand as sculpture in the home.Mini Size cremation urn hold..
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Titanium is stronger than steel, but lustrous and lightweight. Fine jewelry bracelet urn holds a small loving memento. Comes with full instructions and necessary tools for filling.This striking design is non-magnetic and hypoallergenic.Threaded closure 8-1/4"L Made in USA Please not..
Bronze Deer Cremation Urn for Ashes Bronze Deer Cremation Urn for Ashes
Made In U.S.A.
Our solid bronze deer cremation urn makes a beautiful memorial for the deer hunter or nature lover. This bronze cremation urn is designed for families that want a display in the home and have it blend into the decor as an art piece or sculpture.The deer contains a discreet compartment on the und..
$4,000.00 $5,000.00
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This cremation urn is a regal sculpted mallard to pay tribute to the unique and delightful spirit of your loved one. Vibrantly painted plumage and perched on a solid base, this duck could stand as sculpture in the home.Adult Size: 225 cubic inches Measures: 15"W x 9.5"D x 8.75" Material: ..
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New Orleans Saint Gold French Fleur De Lis Urn Pendant is an enduring symbol for Louisiana families that are proud of their French heritage. You probably already know that this ancient symbol was associated with French royalty and Catholic saints. This jewelry is dipped in 14K gold and can be worn b..
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The Deer Urn is a 3-D laser cut scenic beauty, Made in the USA and created in your choice of wood species, Walnut, Maple, or Oak. This scene features a buck in the wild mountain country, with other elements of nature incorporated, the power of the river, sturdy trees, and solid stones.  A beautiful ..
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Spirit of America Bronze Eagle Cremation Urn Spirit of America Bronze Eagle Cremation Urn
Made In U.S.A.
The lofty spirit and journey of the majestic eagle is captured in our Spirit of America bronze cremation urn. The eagle is a symbol of protection and we've perched this bird on a rock, standing tall.Our bronze sculpture urns are proudly made in the USA using the ancient art of lost wax bronze ca..
$3,355.00 $4,600.00
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Cremation Urns Crafted With Quality Materials

Our artists craft quality memorials in wood, Raku pottery, metal sculpture, and other mediums that are made with compassion and pay tribute to your loved one. There’s just something special about buying products that are made here in the U.S., even purchases like cremation urns.

The American artists that craft these urns use a wide range of materials, which allow Urn Garden to offer a broad variety of American made cremation urns. Some of the materials our artists use include:


Unique Urn Styles & Designs Made in the USA

We offer cremation urns that come in all different shapes and sizes. There are many different box shaped options, some made of wood with intricate carving or inlay designs, some made of fiberglass with high quality painted art, some with cold casted metal that feature additional sculpting on top. We offer cremation urns with room to display burial flags and many other urns that honor a military history. There are some urns that are extremely unique in shape: Texas longhorns, sunflowers, deer, bald eagles, guitars, and more. We also offer cremation urns that are made of stone or granite and are suitable for an outdoor memorial.

Urn Garden Supports Local Artists

Urn Garden knows the importance of supporting local businesses and artists here in the U.S.,and in case you feel it too, we offer plenty of American made remation urn options. We’ve found a great collection of artists that do excellent work and provide high quality products. This way,you too can choose to support local artists when honoring your loved one. Here at Urn Garden, we care about your desire to honor your loved one the right way, and we want to do our part to provide the best products and options for you to do just that.