Wooden cremation urns are an excellent choice for a memorial and are especially suited for people who highly value not only the natural beauty and warmth, but the craftsmanship that goes into many of the American made styles.

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Humans have long had a spiritual connection with the deer. The gentle power of this animal insp..
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Humans have connected with the majesty and spirit of the eagle for centuries. We've tried to capture..
$165.00 $99.00
World Traveler Memorial Chest is a locking box for secure storage of cremated ashes. Antique wo..
Beautiful blonde burl cremation urn in the classic memorial chest design. This chest really is timel..
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Beautiful burnished burl cremation urn in the classic memorial chest design. Truly a timeless design..
Midnight Rider motorcycle urn honors the free and peaceful feeling that comes with the wind and..
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The natural beauty of a burl wood cremation urn is perfect choice for families that may want a wood ..
A beautfiul memorial for a beautiful dreamer. This box is a stained in dark cherry with a glossy pho..
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The natural beauty of a burl wood urn is perfect choice for families that be traveling with ashes, o..
Cherry stained hardwood with laser engraved Celtic Cross will hold the ashes of an adult. Personaliz..
The night sky has captivated humans since the beginning of time. Shooting stars reminds us that we a..
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Attractive Arlington photo cremation urn is constructed from a combination of hardwoods and veneers ..

Many of these containers are perfect for placing the plastic ash container that comes from the funeral home and come in a variety of species and grain patterns. Hardwoods like Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Burl are available in our wood collection.

Wooden urns for ashes range from a simple pine boxes to elegant memorial chests and flag display cases.Whether your loved one was a biker, crazy about golf, or an American patriot, there's probably a cremation urn to match the personality and many styles can be personalized with engraving to create a custom memorial for your loved one.

Life has been compared to a series of seasons, with change being the most constant and some seasons being richer than others. Wood can reflect the change in seasons, as well as showcasing the awesome beauty of nature. With so many species of wood available, each one has it's own personality and characteristics.

Take the burl wood for example, as a living tree it's a knarly twisted pock mark on the bark, might be a little buggy, and it's hard to work with. But after that wood has been harvested, sanded down, and hand rubbed to a brilliant finish. It's truly a timeless prize.