Ocean & Beach Themed Cremation Urns

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Our collection of ocean and beach themed cremation urns are for those looking to memorialize their loved ones in a unique and special way. From cremation boxes to adult-sized cremation urns to small keepsake jewelry, we offer a wide selection of ways to memorialize those who loved to spend time on the beach in the sun and sand.

Our designs feature things like sand dollars, ocean life, and beautifully painted landscapes of the seashore to help you remember the ones you’ve lost. Looking for something in particular and can’t find it? Feel free to contact us . We would love to help in any way we can.

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Graceful dancing dolphins urn necklace holds a small loving memento of ash to remind you of a p..
Stardust Adult Cremation Urn is dark blue with sparkles in the paint to add a little shimmer and eng..
Cremation jewelry styled as a conch sea shell has a rich tradition in nautical legends and folklore ..
Beautiful beach scene urn safely stores the ashes of an adult. Inspired by the Siesta Key shore..
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The power of the sea and the force of nature is captured in our gold Hawaiian Whale Tail urn pendant..
Emerald Coast Adult Cremation Urn is a deep marbled green and is engraved with an elegant mermaid. V..
Our Sea Turtle necklace for ashes has a small compartment that holds a trace amount of cremated rema..
Beautiful anchor necklace for ashes is stainless steel with black baked enamel. The anchor loads fro..
One of a kind blown glass starfish using a small portion of your loved one's cremated ashes. Ma..
Beautiful nautical anchor necklace for ashes is stainless steel with gold coating. The anchor loads ..
The ocean beach scene on this cremation is inspired by one of America's most beautiful beaches - the..
Mermaids are associated with love and known as the spirit of the sea. We've paired the spiritua..
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Lido Beach is a beautiful tribute for the ocean lover and symbolizes the power of the calm..
Beautiful medium size beach scene urn safely stores ashes and is ideal for families that are sh..
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Misty Mermaid jewelry urn is a combination of splashy charms consisting of a seashell, mermaid tail ..
Sweet small heart keepsake urn.fits in the palm of your hand and safely stores a port..
Our Siesta Key ocean and beach-themed keepsake cremation urn features a portrait of the Siesta Key s..
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Turtle Urns are designed to hold a full set of adult ashes and are for families who have planned a w..
Sea shell keepsake cremation urn is the perfect small memorial for the ocean beach lover. This tiny ..
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Sea shells and sugar white sand on this cremation urn is perfect for the ocean beach lover. Full siz..
$185.00 $150.00
Santa Rosa Beach cremation urn is a nod to the beach lover. The one who's therapy comes from the cal..
$165.00 $125.00
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Large wave: holds about a cup of ashes or 14 cubic inches. Not a full size urn. Approx. 6.5" W ..
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Maui beach cremation urn is secure storage for the ashes of an adult. Gorgeous metal cremation vase ..
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Beautiful anchor urn jewelry for ashes is made in the USA from stampled sterling silver. The anchor ..
Beautiful small heart keepsake urn safely stores a portion of the ashes.Inspired by t..
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