White Cremation Urns for Ashes

White Cremation Urns for Ashes

Cremation urns in the color white can convey a message or meaning without a word. So fresh, shades of white can remind us of a peaceful snowy day. Light, airy, and pure, white may remind us of an angel gown or wings. Crisp and clean, white might reflect innocence and a young life.

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Our hand blown and hand painted glass urn offers enchanting images of birds and blossoms. Created wi..
Energitc hummingbird cremation urn symbolizes high spirit and grace. Fine art metal cremation urn is..
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Graceful white cremation urn with elegant silver floral and leaf details. White can symbolize purity..
Small pretty pearl white heart shaped urn, stores a portion of ashes for families that want to divid..
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White pearl urn for ashes is a medium size for human or beloved pet. Perfect memorial for a child or..
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Elegant white heart keepsake urn with silver engraved details contains a secure chamber on the botto..
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Purple Iris cremation urn symbolizes wisdom. Fine art metal cremation urn is excellent quality and c..
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A smaller version of the White Pearl Cremation Urn is an elegant and sweet memorial for a child or f..
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Pet Urn in heart shaped design with engraved paw prints. Ideal for small cat or dog breeds with..
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Music on the Wind is a full size cremation urn that will hold the ashes of an adult. Elegant white e..
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Nature is the source of inspiration in our simple white porcelain urn with a hand drawn hummingbird ..
This ceramic urn is a rustic beauty with leaves and berries of the blackberry plant pressed into the..
Simple and elegant, this ceramic cremation urn is created by a talented American artist. The clean d..
The Botticino marble urn is a creamy white color with brown and gray veining.  Beautiful, polis..
Comforting, Protective and Peaceful. This elegant white marble urn is perfect size for niche placeme..
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Elegant White Cremation Urn is designed for to honor the service of a doctor, nurse, EMT, healer or ..
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Small urn for ashes in the Elegant White collection. Perfect for scattering ceremonies or those that..
Elegant Angel Wings Cremation Urn is a snow white metal urn engraved with a pair of feathery golden ..
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A miniture version of the White Pearl Cremation Urn is an elegant and sweet memorial for famili..
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Heart shape cremation urn is medium sized and designed for families that divide, share, or..
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Our Earth Urn biodegradable collection is crafted from organic materials and features inlaid fresh f..
The Memento Urn is biodegradable and allows families to create a unique meaningful memorial service ..
The Quartz Biodegradable urn is made from sand and gelatin to create an attractive and earth-friendl..
June Pearl Heart Cremation Urn is a small elegant design crafted in sturdy metal with a layers ..
June Pearl Cremation Urn is a small elegant design crafted in sturdy metal with a layers of shi..

The Meaning and Symbolism Of White

Ancient Egyptians associated white with the goddess Isis and of course wrapped their mummies in strips of white linen.Romans wore white togas for ceremonial events in the forum. Early Christians referred to white in art to symbolize sacrifice and grace, using images of lambs, robes, and the white glow of halos.

Many of the cremation urns in this collection feature themes in nature, like birds, messengers to the spirit world. Favorite feathered friends include the energetic hummingbird and the charismatic cardinal. Angels are a timeless classic as well as dragons, popular in Chinese culture.Soft shades of Ivory can be seen with the twisted twining Celtic knot design. So many choices in the white cremation urn collection.