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For some, their cat was as much a part of their family as anyone else. When a cat passes on, that's why it can feel like you lost a family member. At Urn Garden, we provide you with a wide selection of affordable cat cremation urns, including wooden urn boxes that can be personalized with the name of your feline friend and urn necklaces made in the shape of a cat. 

Our unique collection of cat urns includes those of various sizes including keepsake urn jewelry. As a result, some can hold a larger amount of ashes than others. Be sure to check each urn's product description to make sure it's the right size for you. 

If you're having a hard time finding what you're looking for or have a question regarding one of our cat urns, please contact us or give us a call at 1-888-876-1467.

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Electric Blue Cremation Urn is a medium size designed for beloved pets that have a healthy weight of..
Measures: 7" H x 5" Capacity: 70 cubic inches, for pets with healthy weight of 60 pounds. Mat..
Medium size urn, 70 cubic inches Nickel plated brass Dimensions: 7.25″ H x 5″ W Secure thre..
Deep purple color with contrasting hand tooled pewter accents to create a beautiful memorial for a f..
Based on 3 reviews.
Small size urn, 30 cubic inches Nickel plated brass Dimensions: 6″ H x 3.75″ W Secure threa..
Personalize your pet memorial with this photo box for a cat. Upload your favorite image and we'll la..
Egyptian style and mystery are featured in this white photo box for ashes. Inspired by the Egyptian ..
$165.00 $95.00
Pretty kitty cat urn necklace is an affordable option for memorial jewelry. High quality stainless s..
Based on 1 reviews.
The strength and courage of the lion is captured in our pet urn called Lion Heart. Sculpted by an aw..
Egyptian style and mystery are featured in this cherry stained box for ashes. Inspired by the Egypti..
$165.00 $95.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Sassy Cat is photo frame box with stylized art on deep blue background. You can easily replace the i..
Sleepy Bronze Kitty Cat urn is sculpted by award winning American designer. Cold Cast Resin with Bro..
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Pretty pink kitty cat urn necklace is an affordable option for memorial jewelry. High quality stainl..
Our Sweet Kitty Cat urn is made in America. Sculpted and cast in metal with a bottom loading opening..
Sassy Cat is photo frame box with stylized art on gold background. You can easily replace the image ..
Sassy Cat is photo frame box with stylized art on vivid purple background. You can easily replace th..
Our Playful Kitten cat urn is sculpted using the lost wax method and then cast in brass and availabl..
Urn Garden is pleased to present our Egyptian Collection, this one featuring Bastet, the cat goddess..
Based on 15 reviews.
This cat urn features regal Bastet perched on a polished black marble cylinder and makes an ele..
Based on 4 reviews.
Pretty purple cremation urn is a medium size in a frosty shade of royal purple and trimmed with spar..
$75.00 $60.00
Based on 1 reviews.
The elegance of our black and gold engraved cat urn pays tribute to the beauty and mystery of your f..
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"What greater gift,” asked Charles Dickens,” than the love of a cat?" If you understand what he’s saying – that when a cat loves us and claims us for their own – then you realize just how fortunate you are. Like Dickens, if you have experienced the joys of feline companionship, you also see the importance of selecting an appropriate cat cremation urn.

How to Choose Pet Cremation Urns for Cats

Urn Size

• How large was your cat during his or her lifetime? That’s one determination of size; the other is whether or not you’d like to include your cat’s collar or other memorabilia into the urn along with the ashes. If you’re unsure as to the correct size for your needs, send us an email, or pick up the phone and call 1-888-876-1467. Our experts would be glad to help you find the right size cat cremation urn.

Symbolic Qualities

•The second thing to consider is the symbolic quality of the urn. Many choose to honor their belovèd cat companion with a cremation urn representing Bastet, the ancient Egyptian goddess of protection. Others choose to remember the loving relationship they shared with their cat with a personalized, heart shaped urn., Others memorialize the feline member of the family with a cat cremation urn which speaks to their cat’s personality with our Sweet Kitty Urn. Custom photo urns are another way to pay tribute to your cat’s unique personality, and a very popular choice.

It’s No “Small Decision”...

Your cat was special to you; he or she shared every day with you, no doubt for years. The memories of this bright eyed, quirky feline friend will hold a place in your heart for the rest of your life. The cat cremation urn you select to be the repository of his or her ashes needs to be a gentle reminder of their lifelong gift of love.

...So Don’t ‘Go It Alone'

With over 17 years of service, there’s no doubt we’re cremation urn experts. Everyday, we help select the perfect cremation urn for their cat. If you’ve got questions about any of the cat cremation urns in our collection, contact us.