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simon 13 Nov 0 4012
A special thanks to Kay Christian for sharing her story. This article was lifted from part of the presentation she uses during her educational lectures on the value of organ donation.My name: Kay ChristianThis is my husband of 35 years, Chuck. We hav..
simon 13 Nov 0 2709
Our gold cremation jewelry is what's known in the industry as vermeil, (pronounced ver-may). Vermeil is a plating process that applies a layer of 14K gold over sterling silver. Over time and depending on the amount of wear, the gold layer, can eventu..
simon 11 Sep 0 4683
Remove cap from jewelry. Place funnel in neck of pendant. Using a small spoon, fill the urn pendant no more than 90% full with fine cremated remains. After filling, remove funnel and clear cremated remains from neck of pendant with ..
simon 13 Nov 0 4686
Written by Kim Stacey, MA, CFD, CGCWhen a close family member or friend dies, it tears a ragged hole in the fabric of our lives. The experience of grieving their passing is a process where we work to repair this damage and restore well-being while cu..
simon 13 Nov 0 3200
Where to Buy Cremation Urns Most consumers would rather not have to buy a cremation urn...ever. However, if your family has chosen cremation and plans to store the ashes in an urn, a decision has to be made. Start at the funeral home or crematorium ..
KirkHall 13 Nov 0 4424
The Beauty of Bronze Sculpture UrnsThe beauty of your bronze sculpture urn can be preserved with easy and basic maintenance. Quality bronze art will last for centuries and will be enjoyed for a lifetime if properly cared for. Let's start with the bas..
simon 13 Nov 0 5872
Safeguarding the ashes is a crucial function of a cremation urn. That being said, you can also use an urn to create a personalized memorial that will capture the very essence and personality of a lost loved one.  ​ We know the selection of an appropr..
simon 13 Oct 0 15190
 What Size Cremation Urn Do You Need?Face it. You don't urn shop every day. Don't be intimidated, here are the basics for selecting the right size. Safeguarding the ashes of a loved one is the essential function of an urn. They're also intended to be..
simon 13 Aug 0 2388
Death Care. That's how the funeral trade describes the funeral service profession. What does it mean to you? An emotional experience.For each individual it's a personal choice. And so many decisions. If you are involved in the liquidating of an estat..
simon 11 Oct 0 2284
Memorialization: A Time-Honored TraditionMemorialization is a time-honored tradition that has been practiced by caring people through the centuries. As survivors we care about and want to remember those who precede us in death. Memorialization helps ..
simon 01 Jan 0 6544
How to Pass Airport Security with Cremated AshesPassengers are allowed to carry a cremation urn as part of their carry-on luggage, but the container must pass through the X-ray machine. If the urn is made of a material that generates an opaque image ..
simon 13 Feb 0 2978
Urn Personalization is defined as the means by which the life and personality of an individual are tastefully and meaningfully represented by the urn or keepsake itself. If burial is chosen, sometimes the cemetery requires that the urn be identified,..
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