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simon 11 Jun 0 2049
We make it super easy to personalize and create the perfect memorial. You can easily upload images when you buy on our site or you can email or text images.   Our skilled engravers will create a special tribute, in order to get the best results, here..
simon 24 Oct 0 12193
For many, scattering ashes is a unique and meaningful way to honor a loved one who has recently passed. As we will explore below, there are many different ways that you can spread a person’s ashes to create a meaningful memorial. One thing to note i..
simon 14 Jan 0 3970
View our video of our water-soluble urn designed for scattering ashes at sea, or earth-friendly water burials. The shell urn is featured in this segment, hand painted and large enough for two sets of ashes, personal notes or mementos. The surface is ..
simon 30 Sep 0 3844
You are normal to grieve the loss of a pet. Pet loss may be an even more difficult process than grieving for a human loved one. Your support network of understanding and caring people may be smaller. Friends, family, co-workers, etc., tend to be more..
simon 14 Jul 0 3155
When loved ones come home, always run to greet them. Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride. Allow the experience of fresh air and wind in your face to be pure ecstasy. When it's in your best interest, practice obedience. Let others know w..
simon 15 May 0 3177
The healing force of nature can help release feelings of grief by creating a garden of memory as a living tribute to your lost loved one. Many people seek refuge in gardening in times of sorrow. Gardening connects us directly with the cycle of life. ..
simon 14 May 0 6390
Final placement of the cremation urn or keepsake urn refers to where and how the urn is ultimately located; generally on a permanent basis, but also temporarily until an appropriate, meaningful and final permanent placement is determined. Final plac..
simon 01 Sep 0 3198
What if you have a room in the house that needs attention and it’s just too painful to go there? The years pass, the room becomes an unintentional shrine and you are afraid to let it go? Enter Nate Berkus. Oprah’s favorite decorator. Nates’ assisted ..
simon 19 Oct 0 3868
In an age of “in lieu of flowers” we shouldn’t forget the power of flowers for a grieving family. Especially this time of year, the sensory impact of live flowers can actually add a healing element to the memorial service. With cremation and the tr..
simon 04 Oct 0 3090
We've had several schools that are doing memorial gardens on the grounds using tree dedication stones for a couple of kids that lost their dads. And today? A memorial stone to place in a butterfly garden to honor one of the teacher's who's lost a chi..
simon 14 Oct 0 2508
Real people with simple ideas for creating a meaningful tribute in the garden."All my hurts, My garden spade can heal." Ralph Waldo EmersonMy dad was a gardener. Last winter on the first anniversary of his death I was having a pretty tough time. I wa..
simon 01 Mar 0 3004
A welcome sight in the early spring garden. Bleeding Hearts are hardy and easy to grow. My Bleeding Hearts have taken a lot of abuse over the years and still come back every season. The original plant in my garden has been split and divided several..
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