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simon 14 Feb 0 4284
Using the language of color in the garden, you can reflect your loved one's personality. White: Purity and love Yellow: Intellect, optimism, good humor, wisdom Orange: Joy, confidence, independence, sociablity Purple: Intuition, idealism, self-sa..
simon 14 Nov 0 2426
One of our clients sent a nice note thanking us for our assistance and the recommendation of a Weeping Cherry for a tree dedication. The Weeping Cherry is one of my favorite ornamental trees and a stunning centerpiece for a memorial tribute. Check ..
simon 26 May 0 3262
Urn Garden has a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy on all of our cremation jewelry. To maintain our lifetime guarantee, all urn pendants must be sealed with glue. We inspect and individually wrap each piece of jewelry to ensure its safe arrival. As ..
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