weeping cherry

One of our clients sent a nice note thanking us for our assistance and the recommendation of a Weeping Cherry for a tree dedication. The Weeping Cherry is one of my favorite ornamental trees and a stunning centerpiece for a memorial tribute. Check your zone out on a garden map, the Weeping Cherry does best in zones 5-8. Added bonus for the Weeping Cherry tree is they are generally pest and disease resistant and don't require a lot of pruning. Some of our families will buy one of our stone markers that can be personalized with names and dates to use as a tree dedication. Others like the natural look of a small or medium river rock garden stone that also can be engraved with names and art work. Stones paired with a Weeping Cherry tree can be a simple and elegant living memorial.

Recently, one of our customers contacted us to say:

Dear Lenette, Thank you so much for all that you did to make Nelda's memorial service even better than she had planned it. I have always felt that the worst part of any funeral is the time when you leave the cemetery and leave behind someone you loved and have spent a lifetime with. Thanks to your generosity, I brought Nelda home with me and that was such a comfort at a very bad time. The urn was beautiful and M. loves and cherishes her urn necklace.