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Tree of Life Celtic Keepsake Urn

Tree of Life Celtic Keepsake Urn for ashes
Tree of Life Celtic Keepsake Urn for ashes
Tree of Life Celtic Keepsake Urn for ashes
Tree of Life Celtic Keepsake Urn for ashes
Tree of Life Celtic Keepsake Urn
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  • Product Code: 23-7753

Our Tree of Life Celtic keepsake urn is designed to store a small amount of ash but can also be used to store other things like memorial jewelry or a memento from the person who recently passed away. 

This small Celtic/Irish urn design features the iconic Celtic Knot in a tree, which makes it the perfect memorial for your loved one who was deeply passionate about their Irish/Celtic heritage. Although it's made from cold case designer resin, this keepsake urn offers the elegant and classy look of bronze but without the hefty price tag. 

  • Measures: 2" H x 3" W
  • Holds a little over 1/3 cup of ashes. 
  • Material: Resin
  • Felt lined base
  • Lid can be sealed with glue 

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When will Code: 23-7753 be back in stock?

( Tara Miller, 03/06/2023 )

Yes! Hope to have it back by end of March if not sooner. 

( 03/06/2023 )

when will this be back in stock, would like to order

( Molly Berninghaus, 03/11/2021 )

These should be back in stock within a month or so. Email to be put on a waiting list and we can contact you when available.

( 03/11/2021 )

I've been looking for an urn that would fit my fathers personality and this one really resonates with me as something he would of wanted, however as posted above it is too small. Is there any hope of having one made with the same design but big enough to use as an actual adult urn? If so i would be very grateful.

( Patrick, 03/26/2020 )

not yet

( 03/26/2020 )

My wife passed a week ago she was 33. She had a celtic tree tattoo on her chest. I wanted to know how Much this could hold in ashes weight?. She weighed about 260 and we split her ashes in 3 for her mom dad and myself The code below are her initals which is coincidence jusr not completely in order. Her initals were CFD below is FCD.

( Kari, 03/03/2020 )

Hi, this urn hold a small amount, maybe a quarter cup max. Even if the ashes were split 3 ways, this urn would not accomodate the volume. 

( 03/03/2020 )

Does this urn seal and lock? Can the ashes spill out? There’s no description of the closure, if any. Thank you

( Bobbie, 12/15/2019 )

We include glue if you would like to seal permanently.

( 12/16/2019 )

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