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Cremation Urns For Sale

At Urn Garden, we offer a wide variety of beautiful cremation urns for sale ranging from small keepsake urns to full-sized adult urns in a variety of different styles and materials. We make it easy for you to find the perfect memorial urn that captures the essence of your loved one's unique personality.

Dimensions: 6" D x 11" H Capacity: 220 cu. inches, suitable for adults weighing up to 220 pounds. Secure threaded lid. Felt-lined base. Shipping Weight: 7lbs Nickle plated brass. This cremation urn can be personalized with optional engraving. This item is handcrafted and variations may..
Carved silver and gold cremation urn sparkles like a glass of champagne to celebrate the memory of your loved one. Intricate etched design elements allow the gold to shine through. Suitable for a man or woman, and a beautiful way to honor an old friend. Like the poem says: "Make new friends, but kee..
Cardinal on Dogwood Flower Adult Size Cremation Urn Cardinal on Dogwood Flower Adult Size Cremation Urn
Free Engraving
Our “Cardinal on Dogwood Flower” adult-sized cremation urn features a brightly painted crimson cardinal sitting on the branch of a dogwood tree on a high gloss snow-white background. This urn for can help you create a beautiful memorial for your loved one, whether they were a bird lover or a gardene..
$135.00 $185.00
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This small cardinal urn is a tiny jeweled keepsake designed to hold a bit of ashes,a small piece of jewelry, lock of hair, or other tiny memento. Hand-painted in rich red enamel and studded with Austrian crystal, this little bird sparkles and has his wings spread and ready for flight. The Cardinal h..
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Deep red heart keepsake cremation urn will hold a small amount of ashes and has a threaded opening on the back side allowing for secure closure and safe storage of the cremains. Red hearts have so much symbolism; in addition to true love, red can signify strength, friendship, gratitude, hope, and ha..
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This green adult urn is cheap in price but fine quality.Green is one of the most restful colors, symbolizing nature and rebirth. May and August birthdays have green birth stones. This metal urn is for the ashes of an adult. Emerald green shades flecked with black accents in an abstract design. ...
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Hardwood cremation box in your choice of beautiful maple or cherry with carved Celtic Cross emblem will hold the ashes of an adult.  Details include Celtic knots on all sides of the box symbolizing infinity and connectivity. This container can be personalized with laser engraving to include name, da..
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Sunset on the range cremation box pays tribute to the American cowboy and rancher.  Golden sunset, this peaceful scene features a cowboy mounted on his horse watching the sun go down on the range.The image can be easily replaced with your favorite photo. This box is secure, and easy to..
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The powerful bald eagle soars high with its wings spread against a beautiful orange sunset sky. The engraving options across the sunset background creates a gorgeous portrait that is perfect for displaying or memorializing your loved one’s ashes. This decorative urn will safely store the as..
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Bald Eagle keepsake cremation urn is a small metal sculpture that will safely store a pinch or two of cremated ashes, lock of hair or other small memento. Sculpted using the ancient lost wax technique, the eagle is the cast in metal, hand painted, and crystals are inlayed in the wings to give this b..
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Beautiful beach scene urn safely stores the ashes of an adult. Inspired by the Siesta Key shoreline. Gorgeous ocean sunset with gentle waves rolling in celebrating the salt life and paying tribute to those that loved the energy of earth, air, and water. Size: 10.5″ H x 7″ W  ..
The ocean beach scene on this cremation is inspired by one of America's most beautiful beaches - the Siesta Key shoreline in Florida. Gorgeous purple sunset sky, with gentle waves crashing on the sand are the images on smooth metal material and a secure, threaded lid safely keeps and stores the ashe..
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Choosing the Right Cremation Urn

If you are ready to start shopping for a cremation urn, but not sure where to begin, browse our Family Favorites page for inspiration. You'll find vibrant colors and styles, including beach, angels, bird, and butterfly themed urns for sale that will honor your loved one. It's an excellent place to start. If you still can't find what you're looking for or you have a question, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-888-876-1467.

What Size Urn Do You Need?

To ensure you're purchasing an urn that works for you, it is important to first know the amount of ashes and cremains you will need to store. Generally, one pound of body weight translates to one cubic inch of cremains. We would recommend an urn that is slightly larger than the estimated need. Small cremation urns usually hold less than 140 cubic inches. Medium urns can hold 140 cubic inches, while large urns hold 200 cubic inches. Extra large urns, usually intended to store two sets of ashes, can store 300 cubic inches or more

For more information regarding urn sizes, check out our learning center.

Where Will You Store the Urn?

The type of urn you buy will usually depend on where you plan on storing it. If you plan to display the urn in your home, we recommend you select a size and style that fits with the existing style and layout. If you plan on storing the urn in a niche or columbarium, you must first know the dimension of the space available. If you plan to bury the urn, it’s important to buy a burial urn that will remain intact even after it’s been buried. Lastly, some cemeteries require you engrave the name of the deceased on the urn itself. We offer a variety of different urns with free personal engraving. Regardless of your circumstance, Urn Garden can help you find the perfect urn for your situation.

How Much are you Willing to Spend?

At Urn Garden, our collection of cremation urns includes premium bronze urns that can cost thousands of dollars and more affordable options like our discounted urns that cost less than $100. Whatever amount you’re looking to spend, Urn Garden has a variety of quality urns to help you create a unique and personal memorial for your lost loved one.