Spirit Animal Urns for Ashes

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Some people feel a stronger connection to animals than humans. American Indians belived that everything in the universe is interlinked and connected. The earth, sky, plants, and animals. Each person has a spirit animal in their soul to lead them through life and draw power from. Powerful symbols like the eagle, deer, wolf, and  cardinal can have personal meaning to your loved one.


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Beautiful orange monarch butterfly urn stores a small amount of ashes or other tiny treasures. ..

Choosing a Spirit Animal Urn

Are you looking for a cremation urn featuring your loved one’s chosen spirit animal? If so, you’re in the right place: Urn Garden’s collection of spirit animal urns features what are felt by many people to be a personal spirit animal such as the fox, owl or butterfly.

It’s a matter of the head and heart working together. You’ll need to think of the practicalities like: is the urn the right size for example, while listening to your heart: does the urn speak to you on a deep, emotional level. It’s a very personal decision, but as is true with all big decisions, you can benefit from the advice and insights of others. Of course, friends and family members can help; but there’s also someone else you can ask: a member of the Urn Garden team. You can reach us by email, using our contact form; or call us at 1-888-876-1467 during normal business hours.

The collection includes full-size urns of ceramic, brass and bronze; exquisite keepsake urns, and beautiful cremation jewelry.
Here’s a short list of the spirit animal urns you’ll see in the many galleries featured here. We invite you to browse the entire collection of click on the appropriate link to view cremation urns featuring a particular spirit animal. 

A Brief Guide to Our Spirit Animal Cremation Urns Collection

Aligning oneself with a real-world animal is a long-standing tradition among native peoples who live – or once lived – close to nature. It’s a practice that’s been widely adopted by those of us seeking to personally acknowledge their spiritual connection to the natural world –by identifying with the spiritual power and physical attributes of a specific animal or insect. 
Your chosen spirit animal acts as your guide in life; it’s also said to protect you on life’s journey. Through this long-lived relationship, a spirit animal confers its characteristics to the individuals aligned with it. 

Dolphin Urns

Said to represent balance, playfulness, and harmony, dolphins are the chosen spiritual animal for many people. These highly intelligent creatures have long held special cultural significance in societies around the world. They are believed to hold powers of: 
Inner Strength
You’ll find Urn Garden’s collection of hard-to-find dolphin urns includes cremation jewelry and two matching full-size and keepsake metal urns. One customer, in reviewing the Playful Dolphin Cremation Urn noted how hard it was for her to find a dolphin urn for her mother: “My mother loved dolphins and I searched the internet for days to find one. No other place had one as nice as this one.” 

Urns with Birds

Birds have captured our imaginations for millennia. Humans have envied their ability to soar above the earth; but we also admire their keen vision, and unique characteristics –such as their coloration, size, temperament, and often fascinating social habits. 
Below you’ll find eagle urns for ashes, urns with hummingbirds and cardiant urns. Many will be pleased to find we also have owl urns. The attributes of each spirit animal are noted at the beginning of each mini-gallery. 

Eagle Urns for Ashes 

If there’s any one bird believed to connect a person to the spiritual dimension it’s the eagle. It’s abilities to soar high above, to glide on the currents of warm air, keenly observing its surroundings; all convey true freedom and watchfulness. For many the eagle is also a symbol of: 
strong principles
strength of character
a divinely-inspired connection to the natural world
Urn Garden’s collection of eagle urns for ashes is remarkably varied, eye-catching, and patriotic; perfect for someone who took great pride in his or her country. 

Urns with Hummingbirds

Watch someone’s facial expressions and body language change when he or she sees a hummingbird. You could say these tiny creatures are magical; casting a spell over each of us when we see one – if only for a few moments. When gathering urns for our collection of cremation urns with hummingbirds, we searched for images of hummingbirds capable of capturing our attention in this same way. 
Beyond the magic of day-to-day encounters lies the essence of the hummingbird as a spiritual animal. It’s not surprising the hummingbird as a totem bestows joy and delight to those who claim it as their spiritual animal. After all, that’s what they bring in real life. The tiny hummingbird symbolizes: 
flexibility and adaptability

Cardinal Urns

Without a doubt, cardinals are some of the most beautiful songbirds in the Americas. Brightly-colored and strong in voice, cardinals symbolize: 
focused attention and intention
clear connection to intuition
innovative pioneering
gift for self-promotion
natural leaders
The most popular urn in our collection of cardinal urns is the Cardinal Urn Jeweled Keepsake, which one reviewer labeled as “absolutely beautiful.” For those looking for a full-size cardinal urn, the Cardinal on Dogwood Flower Urn can fulfill your desires.

Owl Urns for Ashes

If it’s whimsy you’re looking for, the Wise Owl Keepsake Urn is sure to please. If realism is more your style, the Small Jeweled Owl Urn for Ashes will bring a smile to your face. 
We’re all aware of the symbolism of the owl as a spiritual animal: intelligence and accrued wisdom. Other aspects of the owl’s symbolic character are:
good judgement
keen vision and powers of observation
insight and intuition 
As a spiritual guide, the owl bestows both inspiration and guidance allowing you to courageously explore what life has to offer. 

Butterfly Urns

Another one of nature’s gifts is the colorful butterfly, and Urn Garden’s collection of butterfly urns reflects the extreme variety of butterflies in our world. One of our most spectacular butterfly urns is the Blue Butterfly Cremation Urn, but there are others which will also take your breath away. Browse the collection and you’re sure to see the possibilities. Butterflies are symbolic of: 
renewal and rebirth
lightness of being
elevation over earthly matters 

Deer Cremation Urns

As a spirit animal, the deer conveys elegance and grace, keen awareness of, and sensitivity to, its surroundings. Their nature is to be: 
Elegance and grace are found in the Bronze Deer Cremation Urn. Other deer urns, such as the Deer at Sunset Box urn, put the focus on the relationship deer have with their environments. 

Dragon Urns for Ashes

Dragons of all shapes and sizes can be found in the ancient mythologies of peoples and cultures around the world. The earliest mention of dragons comes from the Near East; oral traditions spread their stories through time and space; leaving us today with a variety of dragon attributes. 
As you’d expect, the dragon, as a spiritual guide, is an extremely powerful ally. The list of dragon characteristics is lengthy, but can be condensed into the following five attributes: 
Because there are so many mythological dragon ‘types’, we chose to showcase three cultural forms of dragons: the Celtic, Chinese, and Gothic. Each dragon urn in this exclusive collection would be a remarkable tribute to a loved one who lived life in alliance with this ancient protector. 

Fox Urns

Who doesn’t know what to expect from a fox? Just think of all the ‘wise old sayings’ you know about this creature; saying like “The fox changes his fur but not his habits” and “if you deal with a fox, think of his tricks.” Yes, the fox is a wily trickster. 
As a spiritual guide, the fox conveys responsiveness, a high degree of awareness, the ability to see through deceptive people and situations, and perhaps a nocturnal nature.
The fox urn in our spirit animal collection is a very special example artistry. The Fox Spirit Guide is a miniature urn, suitable for safekeeping a small amount of ashes or other memento. In truth, its diminutive size significantly contributes to the magical look and feel. One customer wrote in her review, “Beautiful piece...Exceeded my expectations overall.” 

Dragonfly Urns

Here's what people say about dragonflies as spiritual animal guides. Much like the butterfly, the dragonfly conveys the acceptance and power of transformation. It also bestows a pervasive sense of happiness and lightness of being. Along with the symbolism of change and transformation the dragonfly conveys: 
a deep connection to nature's magic
awareness of illusion and deceit
We responded to the popularity of the dragonfly as a spiritual guide by creating an unsurpassed collection of dragonfly urns. The collection includes full-size dragonfly cremation urns, like the stunning Dragonfly Swirl Urn, of which one customer wrote..."it’s very beautiful and high quality. It’s definitely something I will be proud to display.”  If you’re looking for dragonfly cremation necklaces, you’ll be happy to learn there’s also a stunning piece of Dragonfly Cremation Jewelry. 

Elephant Urns

It’s fairly self-evident: the elephant, in real life and as a spiritual animal, resonates with strength and power. Yet there’s so much more to the symbolic attributes of the elephant. If this is your loved one’s spirit guide, then they were bestowed the gifts of: 
a family-orientation
The elephant urn in our collection of spirit animal urns is a keepsake urn, suitable for safekeeping a small amount of ashes or other memento. Made of polished metal, the Small Elephant Urn is remarkable in its detail and charm.