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Medium White Pearl Urn for Ashes

Medium Size White Urn for Ashes
Medium Size White Urn for Ashes
Medium Size White Urn for Ashes
Medium Size White Urn for Ashes
Medium White Pearl Urn for Ashes
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White pearl urn for ashes is a medium size for human or beloved pet. Perfect memorial for a child or families that plan to divide and share the ashes. Frosty white finish highlighted with hand tooled silver (nickel plated) engraved band. This is not a full-size urn but is designed for smaller capacity and makes this an ideal selection for families that plan to scatter or bury some of the ashes.

White suggests purity, peace, and light. The Chinese use white for their funeral traditions as opposed to the black commonly used in Western culture.

  • Dimensions: 7.25" H x 5" D
  • Capacity: 70 cu. inches. Compare to an adult size which is 200 cubic inches. 
  • Secure threaded lid.
  • Felt-lined base.
  • Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
  • Nickle plated brass.
  • This cremation urn can be personalized with optional engraving and letters will come though gold, 
  • This item is handcrafted and variations may occur.

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Hello! I have ordered an engravable urn from you in the past and had to contact you to fit a tiny bit more on each line. I'm needing to order another one now that my fur baby boy has passed and I need to add more to the lines on his as well. He was 7.5lbs and not sure if the medium will be too big. I'm needing assistance with this please for both questions. My last name was 'Corson' on my last order. ( Shannon Rempe , 12/20/2023 )
The urn will not be too big, you may have room for a small toy or collar. We can help you, please call or email.  ( 12/31/1969 )

Do you have this urn in a larger size for a person that weighed approx 125 pounds?

( Eileen Kuriskin, 10/25/2021 )

We don't have this urn in an adult size. But any adult sized urn would work for you.


( 10/25/2021 )

Does this urn come with a felt bag to place inside? Thanks in advance.

( Donna, 08/14/2019 )

No, we have storage bags that are intended to place the urn inside of. The funeral home or crematorium usually returns the ashes in a bag within the urn or box.  

( 08/14/2019 )

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