Red, Gold, Orange, Brown Urns

Red, Gold, Orange, Brown Urns

Urns for ashes in the stunning colors of autumn to represent the seasons of life are featured here. Rich colors of passionate red, regal gold, orange, brown, and copper can symbolize not only a favorite color, but perhaps a birth stone or other meaning to pay tribute to your loved one. 

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Our “Cardinal on Dogwood Flower” adult-sized cremation urn features a brightly painted crimson cardi..
$185.00 $135.00

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Deep red heart keepsake cremation urn will hold a small amount of ashes and has a threaded opening o..

California Red Cremation Urn is inspired by California red wine, garnet, and ruby bir..

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Honor a November birth date with our stainless steel urn locket with sparkling faux garnet crystal. ..

Adult size cremation urn honors the fisherman who might be a little like the fish he or she loves to..

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Ruby red birthstone pendant holds a tiny bit of cremated ashes. Simple way to honor a July birthday ..

Humans have long had a spiritual connection with the sport of fishing. The gentle power of the fishe..

Passionate, fiery red garnet birthstone symbolizes protection, passion, and warmth. Remember a Janua..

Vibrant orange color urn safely stores the ashes of an adult. Beautiful shades of orange with s..

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Cremation urn featuring the powerful lion resting peacefully while guarding the ashes of your l..
$370.00 $320.00

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Crimson and Clover cremation celebrates the passion and fiery love that this rich shade of scarlet r..

Remember a January birthday and keep your loved one close to the heart with our quality stainless st..

Adult size cremation urn in vibrant energetic shades of red. The color red can symbolize a July birt..

Beautiful small cardinal charm for ashes will store a small portion of cremains or other memento. Ma..

Remember a July birthday and keep your loved one close to the heart with our quality stainless ..

Majestic red topaz urn for ashes is a mini size version of the adult cremation urn that will hold a ..

Majestic red topaz urn for ashes is trimmed in elegant gold accents. Hand engraved decorative band w..

For families that desire something special, the Butterfly Garden urns are in a class by themsel..

Beautiful orange monarch butterfly urn stores a small amount of ashes or other tiny treasures. ..

Mustard Seed heart keepsake urn with golden chalk matte finish contains a secure chamber on the..

So pretty, this multi-faceted glass heart urn pendant is a deep red color and is a perfect memorial ..

Yellow Sunshine cremation urn is a full size brass urn designed to safely store the ashes of an adul..

Wild Horse equestrian keepsake urn is small in stature, but makes a powerful statement. Th..
$48.00 $25.00

This cremation urn looks like hand rubbed wood, but is actually metal. Safefly stores the ashes of a..

Adult size urn, 200 cubic inches Nickel plated brass Dimensions: 10.5″ H x 6″ W Secure thre..