Red, Gold, Orange, Brown Urns

Red, Gold, Orange, Brown Urns

Urns for ashes in the stunning colors of autumn to represent the seasons of life are featured here. Rich colors of passionate red, regal gold, orange, brown, and copper can symbolize not only a favorite color, but perhaps a birth stone or other meaning to pay tribute to your loved one. 

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Maple Leaf fine urn jewelry holds a small loving memento and represents the seasons of life. Black s..

Golden marbelized finish, durable finish, and separate compartments to store two sets of a..

Pyramid Urn is inspired by the history and mystery of the ancient tombs of Egypt.  Each side of..

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The Love Birds cremation urn is crafted from solid walnut and inlaid with a lighter wood carved into..

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Rose Gold Tear Drop recreates the ultimate symbol of love: a flowering rose combined with ..

Our Irish Royal series wood urns are handcrafted by fine artisans using the best selection of maple ..

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Our salt cremation urns are hand-crafted from solid blocks of Himalayan Rock Salt. The salt deposits..

This small urn holds just a bit of ashes and is perfect for families or friends that want to create ..

Sand Blast Golf urn is sculpted by an award winning American designer using the ancient lost wax met..

Our shell urns are hand painted and made from sustainable materials. The surface is filled with tiny..

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Small urn for ashes in brilliant red, gold and orange. Matches our full size adult version of the Le..

Memorial chest urns provide a way to store precious pictures and mementos at home. Remembering is a ..

Courage and Protection is represented in this marble cremation urn of natural stone beauty with brow..

Teakwood cremation box is shaped from a single block of stone usually marble or onyx. Teak wood marb..

Special price due to over stock inventory. The term marble drives its meaning from the Greek word fo..

Solid mahogany, cherry, walnut and oak wood are used to create these beautiful, timeless wooden urns..

The fox is known as a sly and mischievous animal, but in some cultures consider the fox a spirit gui..

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Our acoustic guitar cremation urn is the perfect memorial for a loved one with a passion for music. ..

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Sweet jeweled owl urn is a small keepsake that will store a tiny bit of ashes of lock of hair. Hand ..

The bullet vial could be worn as a pendant or used as a small keepsake to preserve a tiny bit of ash..

Brass cylinder for ashes is unique from most, as it has two separate chambers for storage for small ..

Traditional gold Grecian style cremation urns designed in a matte brushed bronze finish with triple ..

Red Firefighter Cremation Urn is a full size adult urn with malteste cross and fire insignia. &..

​Attractive and affordable urn holds the cremains of an adult. Rich coffee color. Handsome tool..

World Traveler Memorial Chest is a locking box for secure storage of cremated ashes. Antique wo..