Memorial Urns

Memorial Urns

Beautiful cremation memorials that celebrate your loved one's great passion in life. Golf, Fishing, Hunting, Beach, Music themes and more to honor your loved one. Many styles can be personalized with names, dates, and a brief sentiment. 

Memorial Urns

It may sound simplistic: not all cremation urns are the same. If you’ve not experienced the death of a loved one, you may not know that – or even have reason to care about the differences. But, things have dramatically changed, and now there’s a need to know. You’ll be relieved to learn at the heart of things, there are only two types of cremation urns: temporary urns and memorial urns.

A temporary urn is plastic box. If you’ve not selected an alternate urn at the time of your loved one’s cremation; the funeral home will return the ashes to you in one of these meant-to-be temporary urns. Unfortunately, all too often, this ordinary plastic box becomes the final resting place of a loved one’s ashes. This can happen for many reasons: grief-related indecision, the unfulfilled intention to do something in the future, or financial duress.  

There's no shame in any of the reasons listed above, we've had families approach us years after the death occurred and confess that they still have the plastic container from the crematorium and are finally ready to move forward. If that's your story, don't be embarrassed, we can help.

Unlike a temporary urn, a memorial urn is far more than a mere storage container. A memorial urn is intended to be a loving reminder of the deceased – whether a testament to their character or a reflection of their passionate interests during their lifetime. Themes like golf, going to the beach, or even a simple ritual like feeding the birds, there's an urn that will reflect your loved one's spirit.

Explore the Diversity and Beauty of Memorial Urns

The Urn Garden collection features hundreds of urns designed to be meaningful memorials, tributes to someone dearly loved in their lifetime and sorely missed after their passing. This collection of memorial urns is an eclectic mix of themes intended to pay tribute to your loved one's passions and the lifestyle they lived, hunting and fishing, relaxing at the beach, spirit animal themes, music, sports and more. Constructed from materials ranging from metal, ceramic, and wood, our memorial urns come in all sizes and shapes. There are full-sized urns for adults, small keepsake urns for those that want to preserve a tiny memento, and of course, jewelry for cremains. Many of the styles can be engraved with text of your choice.

If the styles here don't appeal to you, a classic memorial chest might be another choice to consider. These containers are not only beautiful, often crafted in gleaming wood designs, many of these boxes offer an important advantage, in that you can simply place the container from the funeral home inside the chest. No transfering ashes back and forth.

Memorial Urns in Victorian Funerary Art

If you’ve walked the grounds of an historic cemetery, no doubt you’ve seen monuments topped by an urn, similar the one seen at the right. For the Victorians, the urn had a dual meaning. First, it was a testament to the death of the body and the physical changes which quickly follow. It also represented the belief the spirit of the deceased lies in eternal rest, under God’s watchful care. When draped, as in the picture, the additional symbolism is of a veil, separating the Heavenly and Earthly realms. After cremation became popular, these monuments can even be considered one of the artistic factors affecting the advent of the memorial urns seen here.

If you’re ready to choose a memorial urn to store the cremains of your loved one, browse our collection – simply click on one of the many categorical images below. Keep in mind; all orders over $100 receive free shipping.

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