Cremation jewelry comes in a myriad of varieties: from lockets, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Many pieces of this jewelry, such as a locket, are designed in the traditional sense as a small container that opens up so that something can be placed inside of it. Typically, the way to memorialize the departed is through something like hair part of the ashes from the cremation.

cremation urn jewelry for ashes

This style of jewelry is designed in deep gold, pearl, and other fanciful materials that look very elegant on women, or alternatively they also look appealing on men with masculine designs that include steel and titanium. The concept is modeled after early Victorian mourning jewelry. Cremation jewelry can be found through the same resource where you can also find urns for sale.

The principle behind cremation jewelry and cremation containers dates back to ancient times. Since time immemorial, ancient people have considered the burning of the body to be a pure way to bid farewell to the departed. In addition, many civilizations have also symbolized the deceased through their ashes. Although this practice disappeared from Western culture into the 18th and 19th centuries, it would eventually see a revival that has led to cremation being a very common form of funeral in the 21st century. Advocates cite the advantages of cremation in the way the body is quickly returned to the earth without a normal decomposition process that takes 14-20 years. In addition, ashes from cremation can also be spread symbolically, or redistributed to the earth in special biodegradable containers.

With cremation jewelry, there is now the added benefit of being able to memorialize the ashes in ways that keep the departed close at heart. Previously, to past respect in an intimate way, one would have to travel to the cemetery or location of burial. With this type of jewelry, one will always feel a close connection to their departed loved one through a physical and tangible item that remains closely affixed to their body at all times. This alleviates the requirement to travel vast distances to visit memorials, as the jewelry becomes a keepsake that is utilized for generations to come.

In addition, it’s not uncommon for animal lovers to also cremate their pets. Their ashes can also be memorialized in much the same way by utilizing cremation jewelry to preserve their ashes or fur, along with pet urns that are placed in memorial gardens or other special areas that are designated for the remembrance of loved ones. Through both of these techniques, both pets and people alike will never be forgotten. For more information about the cremation process, there is information available through most funeral directors.