Cremation Urn Jewelry for Ashes

Cremation Urn Jewelry for Ashes

Types of Memorial Cremation Keepsake Jewelry

Storing ashes in jewelry is not a new idea, it's actually inspired by Victorian mourning jewelry. Back in the day, memorial keepsakes were very popular, and pendants, rings, and brooches were often fashioned from a loved one's lock of braided hair. Today vintage Memento Mori is very collectible, and Urn Garden is pleased to offer families a selection of modern designs inspired by an old tradition. Some of the styles we offer are: 

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The heart-shaped Always Together stainless steel urn pendant has air tight threaded top opening for ..
$55.00 $45.00

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Brass cylinder for ashes is unique from most, as it has two separate chambers for storage for small ..

Stainless steel cremation pendant is styled as a heart with wings to symbolize the flight of the spi..

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Sweet curvacious heart urn necklace is highly polished stainless steel and will keep the shine and l..

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Holds a trace amount of ashesLarge mouth bass to cremation jewelry honors your favorite fisherma..

Gold dipped cylinder for ashes is unique from most, as it has two separate chambers to store ashes o..

Sweet lady bug urn pendant is crafted in stainless steel and hand painted to keep your loved one clo..

Simple, yet elegant deep purple glass heart. High quality stainless steel cremation pendant adorned ..

Keep your queen close to your heart. Simple, yet elegant. High quality stainless steel crem..

Simple, yet elegant royal blue glass heart. High quality stainless steel cremation pendant adorned w..

Our dreamcatcher urn necklace honors our friend Sara, who died too soon at the tender age of 23. She..

Sweet angel jewelry contains two compartments, one in each wing to contain a tiny bit of ashes...

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Serenity Now cremation jewelry pendant represents healing and renewal. Some people in the Christian ..

Stainless steel cylinder embedded with a tiny crystal. Cylinder holds just a pinch of ashes or ..

Celtic cross cremation urn pendant comes in your choice of stamped sterling silver or high qual..

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Beautifully detailed feather pendant symbolizing the delicate balance of nature, the freedom of flig..

An hour glass cremation pendant that can be filled with a trace amount of ashes is expertly crafted ..

Simple, yet elegant teal blue glass heart. High quality stainless steel cremation pendant adorned wi..

Reasons to Buy Keepsake Cremation Jewelry


Why do people choose cremation jewelry to memorialize their loved ones? There are a variety of reasons why you may want to purchase this type of keepsake. Some of the benefits of urn jewelry include:

  • It's a discreet way to store and keep the ashes of your loved one.
  • Cremation pendants are a unique way to create a small personal memorial
  • You can keep a loved one close to the heart


Some people choose to disperse the ashes of those who have passed away in a special location. Others choose to keep ashes in an urn in their home. However, a very special option for keeping your loved ones close to you is by dividing ashes into cremation jewelry. These miniature keepsake urns are worn as delicate gold or silver pendant necklaces, bracelets, or rings with designs for both men and women. This is a great way to keep the memory of a loved one close to the heart at all times.

Urn Garden offers a wide variety of unique, discrete, and beautiful cremation jewelry crafted by professional jewelers to hold the ashes of your loved one. From traditional necklaces to bracelets and rings to pendants, and more, we have options to meet your style preferences. We also offer a variety of materials for you to browse. Whether you wear gold or silver pieces or would prefer something more unique like glass jewelry or stainless steel and pewter, you’ll be able to find the right keepsake for you.

Families may choose to buy several pieces of jewelry for keepsakes to be given away as personal memorials at the funeral or memorial service. Because of how discreet cremation jewelry is designed, it is not often outrightly evident that your pendant holds a tiny bit of ash.


Common Questions About Cremation Jewelry


What is the Guarantee on Cremation Urn Jewelry?

All of our pendants and chains are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with the cremation and urn jewelry you received, it may be returned or exchanged. Please review our return policy.

Are Chains Included With The Pendants?

Some of our cremation pendants have chains while others come with a silk cord. For those that include a silk cord, you have the option to add a chain. The product description will indicate if a chain is included. Often our customers have their own chains that they plan to use as they may prefer a certain length or style that we do not currently carry.

Is Cremation Urn Jewelry Easy to Fill With Ashes?

Most of our urn pendants, rings, lockets, and vials come with instructions for filling and sealing, plus tools. Some of the pendants have a threaded bail, but most have a bolt on the back or side that is screwed down for a secure closure. We encourage you to speak to your funeral director about transferring the ashes if you need assistance.

Can I Wear My Cremation Jewelry Every Day?

Our cremation jewelry is well made and of the highest quality. However, there are certain instances where you should take off your urn jewelry during the day. These situations might include swimming, showering, sleeping, and exercising. Even though the closures on your jewelry are water and airtight, water, chlorine, body oils, and other chemicals could have an adverse effect on the finish of your piece.

How Do I Clean My Cremation Jewelry?

Whether you purchased sterling silver or gold cremation jewelry care and cleaning is easy and information can be found in our Learning Center. Care and Cleaning of Silver Urn Jewelry or Care and Cleaning of Gold Urn Pendants. 

FYI: Several of our jewelry styles require a signature upon delivery, please choose your delivery address with this in mind.