Cremation Jewelry & Keepsakes for Men

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Our selection of cremation jewelry and keepsakes for men includes rings,bracelets, and pendants that can be worn on a chain as a necklace or a charm. Memorial jewelry gives men the opportunity to find different styles that celebrate their loved one’s personality. 

From guitar pick and bullet urn necklaces to Christian cross cremation rings and titanium bracelet urns, we have a wide variety of styles for men to create a unique memorial that keeps your loved one’s memory alive. If there’s something you’re looking for you can’t find, feel free to contact us and we can help.

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Graceful dancing dolphins urn necklace holds a small loving memento of ash to remind you of a p..
For the guitar player or music lover, we've created a gold plated guitar cremation jewelry that feat..
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Christian cross cremation jewelry is embellished with stylized wings and stores a bit of ashes ..
This urn jewelry is made in America by jewelers that care about the memorials they craft. Quality st..
Our stylized Christian cross urn jewelry holds a tiny loving memento to keep memories close to your ..
Tree of Life pendant is unique in that each branch is a separate compartment to store ashes. St..
Fish hook jewelry for ashes honors your favorite fisherman. Gold plated stainless steel pendant styl..
The powerful symbol of the lion is a perfect way to honor and remember the family patriarch, a loved..
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Magical and mysterious, there is so much symbolism in the glowing North Star, from inspiration and h..
Fish hook jewelry for ashes honors your favorite fisherman. Rose gold plated stainless steel st..
Royal Blue cylinder for ashes is crafted in brilliant  blue stainless steel and sparkles with a..
The bullet vial could be worn as a pendant or used as a small keepsake to preserve a tiny bit of ash..
The powerful symbol of the lion is a perfect way to honor and remember the family patriarch, a loved..
Serenity Now cremation jewelry pendant represents healing and renewal. Some people in the Christian ..
Premium titanium vial for ashes has smooth a smooth sleek look with beveled edges and works for male..
Fish hook jewelry for ashes honors your favorite fisherman. Surgical stainless steel syled into..
Celtic cross cremation urn pendant comes in your choice of stamped sterling silver or high qual..
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Our highly polished Stainless Steel Flask Urn jewelry holds a small loving memento and can be engrav..
Titanium is stronger than steel, but lustrous and lightweight. Fine jewelry bracelet urn holds a sma..
For the guitar player, we've created a gold plated keepsake urn necklace with a chamber inside the p..
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The music lives on with our sterling silver urn necklace to honor your favorite guitar player. The p..
The Italian Horn Cremation Necklace holds a small amount of ashes.In many cultures, the horn is..
Our memorial jewelry honors the memory of your favorite cowboy or cowgirl. The gold filled western c..
Hhandsome sterling silver cremation jewelry ring holds a small memorial of your loved one. The ring ..
The power of the sea and the force of nature is captured in our gold Hawaiian Whale Tail urn pendant..

Cremation Jewelry for Men – It’s About Time!

For decades grief has been associated with women, solely on the basis that women are, by their nature, more emotional. Yet, any man will tell you, grief hurts them as much as anyone – they’re just less vocal about it. 

Our collection of cremation jewelry for men was assembled to give men, and those who love them a wide selection of cremation rings, bracelets and pendants to choose from. A man’s grief can be a very private thing; in choosing an appropriate piece of cremation jewelry as a gift (to yourself or someone else) you acknowledge its existence and contradict the solitary experience of a man’s grief.

Loss, and the ensuing grief, happens to us all; men, women and children. Oddly enough though, until recently, men’s grief has not been a major topic of conversation. As we now realize and accept the fact men grieve, albeit differently from women and children; it becomes easier to see that cremation jewelry for men could prove to be an asset to a man in the midst of bereavement.

How Cremation Jewelry Can Help Men

Urn Garden’s Learning Center has dozens of articles related to cremation jewelry. If you’re curious about how cremation jewelry can help someone through the rough the initial months after the death of a loved one, we suggest reading “Why Do People Buy Cremation jewelry? Briefly stated, cremation jewelry restores and affirms the emotional connection between the wearer and the deceased – giving the griever the comfort he or she needs to move forward. By the way, another article of interest now would be “Cremation Jewelry - What You Need to Know.”

Selecting Cremation Jewelry for Men Can be a Challenge

A favorite among Urn Garden customers searching for cremation jewelry suitable for a man is the simple, modern-in-appearance Titanium Urn Bracelet. The Sleek Titanium Vial for Ashes is chosen for the same reason: its simple modernity.

Paying homage to a loved one’s personal passion – music, motorcycles, fishing, hunting or sports – is possible too. Browse the collection for inspiration. Many can be personalized with engraving.