Companion Cremation Urns for Two

Companion Cremation Urns for Two

Many of our families have requested a cremation container that will hold the ashes of two people. A double urn has the oversize capacity to provide a final resting place for parents, couples, partners and loved ones. Our selection of companion cremation urns include those with single compartments, allowing the co-mingling of the ashes, or divided compartments with separate storage for each person's ashes. Most of our double urns have a standard capacity of 400 cubic inches. You can find each urn’s exact size in the description section of its dedicated page.

If you have a hard time finding what you’re looking for or need help making your decision, we’re here to help. Use our online contact form, or give us a call at 1-888-876-1467 to let us know how we can help.

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About Companion Urns

Of course, star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet were fictional characters. In truth, fiction abounds with unforgettable love stories. But so is real life. You may have been blessed to witness one. When it comes time to memorialize such a couple, an urn for two may be the right place to start. Such double cremation urns are often called ‘companion urns’ in the funeral industry.

Different Types of Companion Urns

Stylistically, there are two types of companion urns: individual urns which sit side-by-side, and those where the ashes of the two individuals are comingled and kept in a single larger urn. Both express a life-long relationship of closeness and mutual commitment.

How to Select a Companion Urn

Let’s return to the idea of side-by-side individual urns and compare it to that of comingled ashes residing in one double urn. The symbolism of each type is related to the quality of the relationship shared in life. Was it a partnership of two strong personalities – did two distinct individuals, come together in love? Were the partners, over time, indistinguishable from one another? Answering questions like this should help you to better understand how best to
memorialize your loved ones and the unique relationship they shared on earth.

There are other factors involved in selecting a companionship urn, of course. These are a matter of personal preference, and include the intended use of the urn. Where will it be displayed? If it will be placed in a crematorium, you’ll need to adhere to the niche space allotted to it. If it will be kept at home, your decision will most likely be based on your interior décor.