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Wise Owl Keepsake Cremation Urn

wise owl small urn for ashes
Wise Owl Keepsake Cremation Urn
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  • Product Code: 23-3075

Wise Owl keepsake urn is for storing a small amount of ashes, cremation jewelry, or other small memorial.

  • Urn Measures: 4-1/2" H
  • Hold a small amount of ashes
  • Material: Hand painted resin

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Can I get this item engraved

( Barbara kosar, 11/27/2022 )

Sorry, engraving not available on this item. 

( 11/27/2022 )

Wise Owl Keepsake Cremation Urn when will this be back in stock

( Jimmy Dean , 04/10/2021 )

Those won't be back in stock unil july. But we have two other owl keepsakes if you want to look at those.

( 04/12/2021 )

When will these owl urns be back in stock?

( Traci, 01/04/2021 )

Should be back in stock within a few weeks. We have a couple other snow owl keepsakes. Just search owl.

( 01/14/2021 )

how much ash does this urn hold, and how soon can it be delivered?

( Teresa A Gibney-Graeff, 08/07/2020 )

Holds about a pinch of ashes. This item ships from Missouri and usually takes 2-3 days to arrive anywhere in USA.

( 08/07/2020 )

Does this urn come with a box for storage and protection.

( Debbie Gerald, 07/20/2020 )

Only the box is packaged in. 

( 07/21/2020 )

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