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Family Favorites

This page serves as a curated list of some of our most popular styles that people like you have bought as a memorial to safely store the ashes and honor your loved one.  Depending on your needs, many of the urns pictured here are also available in small keepsake sizes for smaller amounts of ash. Some could also be used for pet remains. This is just a small sampling of the complete collection of urns for sale on our site, See the complete collection of cremation urns here, which includes:

Beautiful small heart keepsake urn safely stores a portion of the ashes.Inspired by the Siesta Key beach shoreline. Gorgeous ocean sunset with gentle waves rolling in celebrating the salt life and paying tribute to those that loved the energy of earth, air, and water.Size: 3″ Material: Me..
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Our Sea Turtle necklace for ashes has a small compartment that holds a trace amount of cremated remains, sand from your favorite beach, or whatever small loving memento you choose.Pendant is high quality stainless steel and shimmering abalone.  Pendant loads from the top by unscrew..
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Santa Rosa Ocean Beach Urn Santa Rosa Ocean Beach Urn
Free Engraving
Santa Rosa Beach cremation urn is a nod to the beach lover. The one who's therapy comes from the calming energy of earth, air, sand and salt. The purity and power of water. Inspired by the Gulf Coast shoreline, white sand, sea oats, a gorgeous sunset and surf are the focal point.Size: 10″ H x..
$80.00 $165.00
Beautiful anchor urn jewelry for ashes is made in the USA from stamped sterling silver. The anchor loads from the bottom and contains a tiny compartment to hold a bit of ashes for a memento to keep close to your heart. Anchors represent safety and stability. Perfect for a loved one who loved sailing..
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Large wave: holds about a cup of ashes or 14 cubic inches. Not a full size urn. Approx. 6.5" W x 5.5" D x 6.5" H weight 15 lbs Small:  1.8 cu. in.; approx. 3" W x 2.75" D x 3"H weight 7 lb. Blown glass. Made in the USA. Bottom loading with rubber stopper closure. Due to the handcrafted nat..
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The ocean beach scene on this cremation is inspired by one of America's most beautiful beaches - the Siesta Key shoreline in Florida. Gorgeous purple sunset sky, with gentle waves crashing on the sand are the images on smooth metal material and a secure, threaded lid safely keeps and stores the ashe..
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Bronze Sea Shell Cremation Urn Bronze Sea Shell Cremation Urn
Made In U.S.A.
The bronze shell urn represents the free spirit and power of the ocean. In legend and folklore, the conch shell was a favorite weapon for mermaids to use as protection and is featured in nautical legends. Buddhists consider the conch shell as a spiritual symbol in their religion. Gorgeous natural lo..
$1,885.00 $2,400.00
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Beautiful shades of  deep blue combined with hand tooled pewter floral engraved accent bands that wind around the edge of the lid, top, and base of the vase. This is a full size adult cremation urn suitable for either display or burial.Dimensions: 10″ H x 6″ W Metal Capacity: 200 cubic..
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Blue ombre cremation urn in the classic vase shape with gorgeous shades of blue that start light and transition into deep dark color. Engrave names and dates if desired. Attractive enough for home display or suitable for burial.  This is a full-size adult urn. Capacity: 200 Cubic Inches. Dimen..
The heart-shaped gold tone urn pendent has airtight threaded opening at the top for storing a small amount of ashes, lock of hair, sand from a favorite beach, or other precious memento. Crafted in quality .325 surgical stainless steel, this pendant won't tarnish and wears well. The sentiment "Always..
$45.00 $60.00
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Vibrant orange color urn safely stores the ashes of an adult. Beautiful shades of orange with silver hand tooled details highlight this memorial. Dimensions: 11" H Capacity: 200 cubic  inches Adult size  Suitable for burial. 2 lines of engraving optional, font wil..
Celtic cross jewelry for ashes is crafted in the traditional Christian Celtic design using the medieval cross often found on Irish and French heritage crests. Circle shaped pendant represents the circle of life. Stainless steel and iridescent abalone shell add a little shimmer combined with the Celt..
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