Sterling Silver Cremation Urn Necklaces & Cremation Pendants

Sterling Silver Cremation Urn Necklaces & Cremation Pendants

Sterling silver cremation urn necklaces are a popular choice for families that want a small memorial to honor their loved one. Most of our silver cremation jewelry is quality American made, stamped with the .925 mark, and designed to hold tiny portions of ash. If you are looking for a way to create a small memorial that you can keep close to your heart, this might be the answer.

Most of our sterling silver cremation jewelry comes with black satin cording; however, 20 inch chains are available for purchase. All of our silver urn pendants are gift boxed, with instructions and tools for filling. 

Maybe you’re just not sure which piece of silver cremation jewelry is best for you. If that’s the case, call us directly at 1-888-876-1467, Monday through Friday, 9AM - 5PM CST. 


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Special Significance of Silver Cremation Urn Jewelry

For generations – and in cultures around the world – silver has been associated with the moon and feminine energy. It is said to bring both emotional and physical balance to those who wear it. Some people focus more upon silver’s social connotations of wealth, intelligence and maturity.

If you are looking for a small memorial that you can keep close to your heart, a silver urn pendant – with all its social and cultural significance, could be the most appropriate choice. 

How to Care for Silver Cremation Jewelry

If you're wondering how best to care for silver urn pendants, you can find answers in our Learning Center, in “Care and Cleaning of Silver Cremation Urn Jewelry.