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Legends of the Fall Companion Cremation Urn

Orange, Gold, Red Double Urn for 2 Sets of Ashes
Orange, Gold, Red Double Urn for 2 Sets of Ashes
Orange, Gold, Red Double Urn for 2 Sets of Ashes
Orange, Gold, Red Double Urn for 2 Sets of Ashes
Legends of the Fall Companion Cremation Urn
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This is a double capacity cremation urn designed to hold the ashes of two adults. Rich fall colors of red, orange, and gold leaves celebrate the changing seasons of life. Excellent quality craftsmanship. Cloisonne is a multi-stage process, combining metal and baked on enamel to create a sturdy yet delicate looking work of art. Also available in standard adult size as well as matching keepsakes.

  • Measures: 12" H x 10.50" W
  • Holds two sets of ashes. 400 cubic inches.
  • Is this going in a niche? Call for exact measurements.
  • Shown with pedestal: Not included.
  • This is a handcrafted item and variations can occur.

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Concerning your Legends of the Fall companion urn, thank you for answering my question concerning the pedestal that you don't provide. I assume therefore that the urn has a flat base that enables it to stand on its own. Is that a correct assumption? Still pertaining to the pedestal pictured though, it does provide a very nice look. Is that one something you had custom made for your photo or could it be ordered from another source?

( Mickey Miller, 10/04/2018 )

Yes, bottom is flat base. Pedestal is not offered on companion sizes due to various shapes and styles. You can probably find at home decor stores like Hobby Lobby, At Home, etc.

( 10/05/2018 )

Looking at your Legends of the Fall companion urn, I notice that the description says that the pedestal pictured is not included. What is the price of a pedestal and how would this urn stand and look without it? Also can you provide any further description of the cap or lid and how it attaches and seals the urn? Thank you.

( Mickey Miller, 10/02/2018 )

Pedestals are not available for companion urns. Lids are locking, with a notched closing feature that locks the lid in place. We do include glue for added security. 

( 10/02/2018 )

I am interested in your "Legends of the Fall Companion Urn" for my wife and myself. I have a question regarding engraving. Your form makes a provision for names and dates. However, we are interested in having only our first names and no dates on the URN: "Brenda and Wade". In addition we would like a phrase engraved beneath our names: "Always and Forever". Can you accommodate this request and, if so, specifically where would the engraving be located on the urn? Thank you.....

( Wade Smith, 07/04/2016 )

Hi, your request for engraving is fine and a good idea. Here's an example of engraving placement, this is on a single size, but you'll get the idea.

( 07/05/2016 )

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