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Keepsake Urn Case

Keepsake Urn Case
Keepsake Urn Case
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Our black velvet case protects and stores your keepsake urn (not included), designed for many of 2-3" mini keepsake urns. 

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Do you have any velvet storage boxes that hold a pair of 3 inch keepsake urns ie. Husband and wife, mom and dad etc?

( Karen Rush, 06/09/2023 )

Only the keepsake small case available. 

( 06/09/2023 )

Can I get the keepsake urn case in a different color, other than black, like possibly burgundy. Thankyou Sincerely Tracie Davis

( Tracie Davis, 07/06/2020 )


( 07/06/2020 )

I have a small urn 5" h x 4" w, will the urn fit in this case? I am traveling with the urn and understand it needs to be packed inside another box/case. Thank you, Debbie Quillen

( Debbie Quillen, 04/07/2018 )

Probably not, these are designed for 3" size urns. 

( 04/09/2018 )

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