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Gold Cremation Jewelry

Gold cremation jewelry is a popular choice for families that want to honor the spirit of their loved one and keep precious memories close to your heart. Talented American jewelers created styles in our collection of gold urn necklaces ranging from nature, hearts, lockets, ancient symbols and abstract designs. Each has the ability to represent the unique personality of your loved one. Most of our gold urn pendants are 14k gold dipped and come with a free black silk cord. Chains may be ordered separately.

Other styles of cremation jewelry in this category will be stainless steel with a gold finish and include the chain, we note this in the description. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions related to our collection of gold urn jewelry, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-417-862-8345

Sand Dollar legends and stories are a popular component of the Christian faith. According to the legend, if you break the center of the sand dollar; five white doves will be released to spread peace and good will.Sand dollar cremation jewelry is available in both silver and gold and containing a..
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Our contemporary urn necklace represents the cycle of life. Gold vermeil* urn jewelry blends the simplicity of the Eternity symbol that discreetly holds a trace of cremation ash, lock of hair, or other small loving memento. Comes with full instructions and necessary tools for filling.*gold verme..
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Urn pendant styled as the fish symbol, representative of the Christian faith and has ancient roots in the Celtic and Druid culture. Our jeweler uses high quality gold, 100 mg. to dip over sterling silver.Urn pendant measures 3/8" W x 3/4" H Comes with black silk cord. Chain sold separately...
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Wearing memorial and cremation jewelry pieces are unique and meaningful ways to bring your loved one through life with you after they have passed. A necklace, like our gold angel wings pendant, that holds a small amount of your loved one’s ashes means that you will always have your loved one close t..
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Treble clef cremation urn pendant pays tribute to the music master and contains a chamber for storage of a small amount of ashes. Cremation jewelry is easily filled through the secure threaded opening and has an air and watertight closure to keep your memorial safe.Dimensions are 3/4"W x 1 1/..
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Maple Leaf fine urn jewelry holds a small loving memento and represents the seasons of life. Black satin cord included, Shown in gold vermeil *100 mg gold over silver.Pendant measures: 1"W x 1"H All of our memorial urn jewelry comes with full instructions and necessary tools for filling. ..
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Why Gold Urn Pendants?

A well-chosen piece of gold cremation jewelry is an intimate, very personal way to memorialize a loved one. It can give the wearer great comfort, strengthening their spirit; helping them to live an inspired, meaningful life – despite the loss of a beloved family member. 

Gold has been treasured by cultures around the world for thousands of years. On the grand scale, think of the opulence of the death mask of Egyptian King Tutankhamun. On the small –but no less significant – consider the gold mourning jewelry worn by upper-class Victorians. 

Their need to keep the memory of a deceased loved one close to their hearts started a tradition, which continues today. By selecting a gold urn necklace from Urn Garden’s collection of memorial jewelry, you’ll pay tribute to your loved one and express your understanding of this expressive mourning tradition. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gold Cremation Jewelry

 What is Gold Vermeil? Gold vermeil is 23K gold-plating over sterling silver.

Are the pendants waterproof? We do not recommend Submersing pendants in water after they are filled is not recommended as it may weaken the bond. 

Do the pendants contain nickel? 14K cremation jewelry does not contain nickel.

What is a gold filled chain? Our 14 karat gold-filled is marked as 1/20 14K. Gold-filled jewelry, with reasonable care, will last a lifetime.

Caring for Gold Cremation Jewelry

Cremation urn pendants hold a very small amount of ashes; which are precious, and irreplaceable. As a result, it would be smart to remove cremation jewelry before being exposed to water, such as when swimming, or bathing. For more tips on caring or cleaning your gold urn pendant visit the Cremation Jewelry section in our Learning Center. There you’ll find resources of all kinds.