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Adult Cremation Urns

Here you'll find dozens of adult size cremation urns for sale. This diverse funeral urn collection is intended for the ashes of an adult human. Most are metal, usually brass, copper, or steel in the popular vase shape. Other metal finishes like our premium bronze urns, artistic cloisonne funeral urns, and even designer styles in resin are available too. You are sure to discover a perfect memorial to safely protect the ashes of your loved one. 

Perfect for your favorite fisherman, this urn is a traditional box shape that will fit in most niches at the cemetery. Gorgeous leapring emerald green trophy bass about to take the bait. Fishing has many symbolic and spirtual references and makes a beautiful memorial for fishing enthusiasts.Thi..
Ruby red cremation urn safely stores the ashes of an adult. Traditional vase shape with a rich mirror finish and elegant long-stemmed rose made from mother of pearl. The contrast of light and dark on this cremation urn makes for an attractive memorial. Also available in navy blue.Size: Adult ..
The dove is a symbol of good tidings and the promise of peace. So pretty, this ruby red cremation urn has a mirror finish and is inlayed with mother of pearl dove in flight and carries an olive branch as a peace offering.  The contrast of light and dark makes for an attractive memorial.Size: ..
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Gorgeous pale pink urn trimmed in gold with luminous chips of mother of pearl. Solid brass, matte pink chalk paint type finish, this urn is heavy duty and will safely contain the ashes of an adult.Dimensions: approx. 10″ H x 6.5″ W Secure threaded lid,loads from the top Capacity: Adult s..
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Maui Beach Cremation Urn Maui Beach Cremation Urn
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Maui beach cremation urn is secure storage for the ashes of an adult. Gorgeous metal cremation vase features a sandy beach, beautiful blue water and palm trees...paradise and will be a reminder of tranquil times spent walking barefoot on the shore or relaxing ocean side.Measures: 10.5" H x 7..
This popular adult urn style is solid brass with elegant black and gold hand engraved details.Standard Adult Size 200 cubic inches 10"H Secure threaded lid Solid Brass Personalize with optional engraved medallion shown below or an easel.Thank you so much for your speed of light d..
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Beautiful black urn with diamond cut floral details that cascade down all sides of the vase.Size: Full size adult urn Measures: 11 inches H Material: Metal Secure threaded lidHandcrafted item, variations can occur..
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Yellow Sunshine cremation urn is a full-size brass urn designed to safely store the ashes of an adult.Soft yellow enamel with sparkling silver hand tooled accents.Measures: 10" H x 6.5" W Volume: 200 cubic inches Threaded lid Material: Solid brass This is a handcrafted item, colo..
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Our shaded copper urn's shape and lightweight design allow for easy use in scattering ashes. Special finish resists fingerprints.Measures: 9.75" H x 6.25" D. Capacity: 225 Cubic inches. Cap style lid can be sealed with adhesive. Not included.Can be personalized with laser engraving...
Mother of pearl mourning doves glisten against a dark ruby background and pay tribute to the gentle sweet nature of a departed loved one. The simple dove has powerful spiritual significance in many cultures and for some, represents peace, innocence, and freedom to spread our wings and take flight fr..
Adult size cremation urn in vibrant energetic shades of red. The color red can symbolize a July birthday, royalty, or a fiery personality.Hand tooled etched details on lid and base.Personalize with names and dates if desired. Matching heart and mini urns are also available.Dimension..
Cardinal perched on a pretty pink dogwood branch. Sturdy metal urn with soft watercolor effects on a snow-white background protected with clear lacquered finish.Dimensions: 10.5″ H x 6″ W Adult Size Capacity: 220 cu. in. Metal Handcrafted items can sometimes have variations. ..
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Choosing A Funeral Urn For the Ashes Of An Adult

Most of the funeral urns for sale in this category are sized for adult humans, male or female, and are the metal vase design, a timeless classic. Funeral urns are available in many styles, colors, and shapes that depending on your needs and taste, range from simple boxes and containers, to elaborate bronze sculpture that can be displayed kept in the home or is suitable for burial at the cemetery.

Metal cremation urns are probably the most popular, and are valued for their strength, security, and beauty. Brass funeral urns are an affordable choice and are available in a rainbow of colors ranging from traditional silver and gold to purple, blue, pink, green, black or white. Optional engraving is available on most urns to identify and personalize your purchase, but may add an additional day to the shipment if done directly on the surface of the urn. Pendants and medallions sometimes will ship separate from the urn.

Many of the metal styles have smaller matching keepsake urns available for families that want to divide or scatter the ashes later. Sometimes, the someone in the family will want to keep a small amount of the ashes for a memento. Many of the metal funeral urns can be decorated with art work and personalized with engraving, medallions, and military service medals that can be adhered to the urn surface to create a beautiful memorial.

How to Choose a Loved One’s Funeral Urn

Ask 10 people why they chose the funeral urn they purchased, and you get 10 different answers. Some will tell you it’s was because the urn reminded them of the deceased; it was their favorite color, or portrayed their most favorite pastime. Others will tell you their chose of funeral urns was based on home décor; they selected to urn which best fit their home and vision of an in-home shrine memorial. No matter the motivation, you’re sure to find the perfect urn in this collection of funeral urns for ashes. 

One of the easiest ways to make a selection is to consider your loved one's favorite color or style. Birth month gem stones can be used as a color guide to help narrow your choices. On a smaller scale, cremation keepsakes in the form of jewelry or pendants are also available. To learn more about the nature of brass, explore this article on brass cremation urns.

If you plan to have the urn present at the memorial service, we can arrange shipment directly to the funeral home or crematory and rush delivery may be an option. Most of the funeral urns for sale in this category are suitable for burial, however, you may want to check with the mortuary or cemetery to find out if a vault is required. Although, not required by law in many states, it is common practice in most cemeteries to use a vault to prevent the grave from sinking after a burial takes place.

Since planning a funeral isn't an activity you do everyday (thank goodness!) the process can be overwhelming. We’ve learned firsthand it can be difficult to make up your mind about a loved one’s funeral urn with so many choices and decisions to make, we've created a funeral planning checklist to help keep you on track. We can help simplify the steps and help you create a loving memorial. We want you to know we’re here to support you along the way.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.