Cremation Boxes and Containers for Ashes

For some, it is important to place the ashes of a deceased loved one in a prominent place in their home. Others choose burial, or will place the ash container in a cemetery niche. The most common repository for cremains is an urn, but this may not be appropriate for every situation. For some families, a cremation box may suit their needs better. The memorials listed on this page are a small sampling of our containers for ashes, visit our complete gallery of cremation urns to see the entire collection, which includes small keepsake urns, cremation jewelry and more, for both humans and pets.

Cremation Boxes and Containers for Ashes
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Birch wood cremation box with cherry finish, laser engraved with the traditional Irish Blessing..
Iconic imagary of this photo cremation box of Virgin Mary sacred heart. This is a full size urn..
$160.00 $135.00
Our Lady of Guadalupe with crown and hands folded in prayer. This is a full size urn that will ..
$160.00 $135.00
Beautiful Celtic design adult box for ashes,hand crafted in hard cherry by an American master wood w..
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Humans have long had a spiritual connection with the sport of fishing. The gentle power of the fishe..
Walnut hardwood cremation box with carved Celtic Cross emblem will hold the ashes of an adult. You c..
American made cremation urn with carved sunburst design on the top. This box is crafted in..
$325.00 $275.00
Birch wood cremation box with cherry finish, laser engraved with the traditional Irish Blessing..
Walnut hardwood box with carved Celtic Cross emblem will hold the ashes of an adult. You can persona..
Hard maple wood cremation box with carved Celtic Cross emblem will hold the ashes of an adult. ..
Holy Mother protects and comforts baby Jesus on this beautiful urn for ashes.This is an adult size u..
$175.00 $145.00
Pay tribute to Italian heritage with the national colors of Italy. This white photo box features the..
$175.00 $125.00
Iconic art image on this cremation box photo urn capturing the Virgin Mary completing the course of ..
$160.00 $135.00
Mandala Elephant in full vibrant color reps of blue, green and pink represents the circle of life an..
Pay tribute to Canadian heritage with the maple leaf flag of Canada. This white photo box comes with..
$175.00 $105.00
The black ribbon is the time honored symbol for mourning, grief, cancer and accidential death.&..
$125.00 $99.00
Personalize your pet memorial with this photo box for a cat. Upload your favorite image and we'll la..
Solid walnut box for ashes is made by skilled American craftsman for your family. Carved floral..
American made cremation urn. This box is crafted in gorgeous cherry hard wood with ca..
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American made cremation urn. This box is crafted in gorgeous solid walnut wood with carved..
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The natural beauty of a burl wood cremation urn is perfect choice for families that may want a wood ..
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The pink ribbon commerates the valiant fight against breast cancer and champions womens health ..
$125.00 $95.00
Elegant memorial chest doubles as a cremation urn and storage for a few mementos or heirloom jewelry..
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Perfect for your favorite fisherman, this urn is a traditional box shape that will fit in most niche..
The natural beauty of a burl wood memorial urn is perfect choice for families that may want a wood u..

Why Choose A Cremation Box?

Unlike urns, cremation boxes tend to be less ornate and can therefore easily be displayed amongst other home decor. Cremation boxes are also suitable for burial scenarios or for a niche at the cemetery.


Our Cremation Box Styles and Personalization

Cremation boxes are available in traditional wood, stone, or metal. There are various styles available as well. From simple, clean lines to embellished boxes to graphics. Many cremation boxes can also be personalized by adding engravings or photographs. Some choose to adorn the cremation box with an important message, quote, or saying that encapsulates the life of your loved one.


Cemetery Considerations

For families that are placing the container in a niche or space at the cemetery, most of the boxes on this page will work but you should know the exact interior dimensions of the space that the container will be placed in. Check with your local funeral director to see if an outer container is needed if the urn will be buried.


How To Choose The Right Cremation Box

It is important to consider both the size as well as the style of cremation box that best serves your individual needs. Decorative designer cremation boxes are durable and will withstand the test of time. Many of the chest styles not only look nice, but are convenient to fill, and will easily accommodate the basic plastic container that the funeral homes and crematoriums return the ashes or cremains in.  



Most of the cremation boxes in our collection are crafted from various wood species like oak, pine, birch, and walnut. Beautiful burl wood inlays, hand rubbed finishes add to the beauty. We also offer more affordable options made from manufactured wood, also known as MDF that looks like real wood and can be personalized with graphics and text. 


Stone, Metal, & Mother of Pearl

Styles for cremation boxes can range from polished stone to sturdy and sleek metal as well as glowing mother of pearl. Containers with nature themes are a popular option in this category. Themes like sunsets on the beach, eagles, and fishing and hunting pay tribute to the people that we love. This type of personalization can be a wonderful reminder of happier times.


Urn Garden Cremation Urns

At Urn Garden, we want to help you find the most appropriate cremation urn, cremation box, or cremation jewelry to memorialize your loved one, be they human or pet. Please take your time perusing our site to find the right choice. We have several options to choose from.