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Personalized Flag & Military Medal Display Cases

At Urn Garden, we offer a wide selection of memorial flag display cases featuring engravings that can be personalized to create a truly unique memorial. For those who served in the armed forces, some of our display cases can be customized to include a service-specific medallion (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines). Our collection of display cases can be used in a variety of ways, whether being displayed on top of the casket during a funeral service or on your living room mantle.

Each of our American flag display cases is made right here in the United States using beveled glass and high-quality wood in various finishes, including traditional oak, cherry, and walnut. The dimensions of our display cases can accommodate a standard 5’ x 9.5’ folded American flag. Some even feature a pedestal with a built-in cremation urn. 

This collection also includes a selection of military medal shadow boxes that make it easy to present the medals of a lost loved one who was a decorated service member. Our shadow boxes are wall mountable and feature a velcro-friendly insert that makes it easy to display military service medals. 


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