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Egyptian Cat Urn

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( Donna ) Q:

Three questions: 1. How many cubic inches does this Egyptian Cat Urn hold? 2. I hate to be repetitive, but there are no dates on others who have asked the question. When will this urn be back in stock? 3. Can I get an email sent to me when it's in stock again?


Return date is unknown at this time We will put you on a waiting list. 10 lbs.

( Krista ) Q:

Hello, Do you know when this will be back in stock?


Unknown ETA at this time.

( Lisa Hall ) Q:

When will you have the black Bastet cat urns back in stock


WIll be a couple of months before they are back. 

( Donna ) Q:

What are the overall dimensions of this urn?


8.5" H x 4.5" W. The height is measured from bottom to top of cat's ear. 

( Marya ) Q:

Will you be getting more of the Bast Egyptian cat urns in stock soon? I keep checking!


Yes, sorry for the delay. We are still waiting on them. 

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This cat urn features regal Bastet perched on a polished black marble cylinder and makes an elegant urn to honor your departed pet. Bastet cat godess is an ancient symbol of protection and is often found on the tombs of pharaohs and queens. For centuries exotic marble was the builders choice for kings and distingued members of society. So much character, as no two stones are alike.  

  • Measures: 8.5" H x 4.5" W from base to tip of cat's ear
  • Black marble only. 
  • Capacity: Holds the remains of a cat with a healthy weight of 10 pounds
  • Marble is a natural material and may have variations compared to the photo.
4 reviews
My handsome boy has been fighting chronic renal failure for nearly three years now. I'm planning ahead for when that fight eventually becomes too much. So I shopped around for the most appropriate urn that will fit his personality best. I found this beautiful Egyptian Cat Urn and it arrived a few days ago. It is even more than beautiful than depicted in the photo. When the time comes, we will be ready. Thank you.
4 reviews
I purchased this urn to hold the remains of my Ramona,the most beautiful Tortoise Shell cat. I thought the urn would be bigger but it holds all her ashes. It is a beautiful urn.
4 reviews
I purchased this urn for my precious King Tut of 18 years. The urn is beautiful and is made with exceptional quality. Very satisfied.
4 reviews
I bought this urn for my Sphynx cat that just passed. The Urn is beautiful however I did get a bit worried his ashes wouldn't fit. It is much smaller than I thought it would be on the inside. Seeing as the ashes come in a bag, naturally I left them in the bag and It was difficult to get it all in there. Took me a couple of tries but finally fit him in there and he is right to the very top. He was a little guy maybe 12 lbs. I don't see how a 35lb cat could fit in there unless of course you remove the ashes from the bag. But needless to say I am very happy with this product. It is exactly what I was looking for as a final resting place for my Pharaoh. Thank you. Paula Vargas

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