Colorful Urns For Ashes

Colorful Urns For Ashes

Urns for Ashes don't have to be drab and dark. More families are choosing brighter colors that symbolizes something special for their loved one. Soft pink and purple, bright blue, green, elegant white, and yellow are some of the styles that families select. Many of these styles have matching mini urns that families can share the ashes if desired.

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Trying to buy an urn for ashes is probably the last thing you want to be doing right now. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming. When trying to make a decision about which style to get, it helps to know where the final resting place will be. Are you going to keep it in the home, bury, or scatter the ashes? You may decide that a decorative bronze urn that can be kept in the home and moved to the cemetery later might be a good choice. Brass is an affordable option and provides secure storage of the ashes and can also be buried. Biodegrabable urns are available for ash scattering ceremonies or an earth friendly green burial.  Feel free to call for personal service if you need assistance making your selection.

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