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Cremation urn in stunning black hand cut crystal urn is 24% lead crystal. The contrast of light and ..
Comforting, Protective and Mysterious. This black marble urn is perfect size for niche placement dep..
Egyptian goddess Isis is represented in our Egyptian Cremation Urn Collection. Isis was the Egy..
Our stunning Mountain Laurel cloisonne urn features the stark contrast of the delicate lacy white Mo..
The classic beauty of black marble has been used by artist and architects for thousands of years. Ou..
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Create a special memorial urn from solid granite to honor a loved one. Suitable for outdoor use or b..
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Classic black cameo with a modern twist: this pendant has a storage compartment for cremated ashes. ..
Our solid brass American Pride heart-shaped keepsake cremation urn features a rich slate finish, han..
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Simple, yet elegant cremation jewelry in a glossy black bangle bracelet style. Holds a small amount ..
Black colored marbelized finish, durable finish, and separate compartments to st..
Black Diamond Adult Cremation Urn is dark ebony with sparkles in the paint to add a little shimmer. ..
Elegant black feather wreath softens the look of a metal urn. Add flowers to decorate and create a p..
Elegant black feather wreath to signify a house of mourning. This tradition dates back to Victorian ..
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Made in the USA by American craftsmen with attention to detail. Features ebony black with white zebr..
Dark Angel is an adult size cremation urn with angel wings etched on ebony that has a few spark..
Discount black Pearl cremation urn is an adult size container. This urn was a sample and is deeply d..
This cat urn features regal Bastet perched on a polished black marble cylinder and makes an ele..
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This cremation box is a gorgeous blend of light and dark mother of pearl and abalone creates a beaut..
The sweet sound of music is represented on a sparkling black background with music notes etched in t..