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Raku style fired adult ceramic cremation urn embossed with a iconic intertwined Celtic cross pa..
Celtic Dragon Urn is a hand-made ceramic cremation urn with a tea leaf green and copper glaze fired ..
Cardinal cremation urn is crafted from fine porcelain and made in America. Male and female cardinals..
Our butterfly box for ashes is carved out of cherry hardwoods highlighting the beauty of nature and ..
Chocolate brown Cremation Urn is a stately style cremation urn that displays well in the home, with ..
This simple but elegant wood cremation urn is an economical choice for families that may want a..
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Traditional gold Grecian style cremation urns designed in a matte brushed bronze finish with triple ..
Traditional Grecian design metal cremation urn for adults. Brushed pewter finish, accented with trip..
Rich jewel tone cremation urn in the classic vase shape. The color violet and shades of purple are o..
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Our cobalt blue crystal cremation urn is 24% lead double cased crystal and produced by Bohemian glas..
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Our shaded copper urn's shape and lightweight design allow for easy use in scattering ashes. Special..
One of a kind dragon jar for ashes. This pottery is fired in the Raku style with brilliant copper gl..
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Our biodegradable shell urns are hand painted and made from recycled and earth-friendly materials. E..
For the cowboy or cowgirl at heart, the Cowboy Boots urn might be a fitting tribute. Crafted in desi..
Very elegant cremation urn in the Season of Life Collection. Solid brass urn in light cream with gol..
Crimson and Clover cremation celebrates the passion and fiery love that this rich shade of scarlet r..
Our cobalt blue funeral urn is 24% lead double cased crystal and is expertly created and cut by..
Dance of Life cremation urn is created by a world renowned sculptor and celebrates the joyous spirit..
Urns for ashes don't always have to be a vase or box shape, Dance of Life Memorial Urn is a free sta..
This green adult urn is cheap in price only because it's a closeout item and only one available. Gre..
Bronze urn featuring the sacred dove symbolizing hope, a gentle spirit, new possibilities and miracl..
One of kind dragonfly urn for ashes celebrates summer and the beauty of nature with a gorgeous hand ..
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Earthy green and copper glaze highlight this urn for ashes that is thrown in the Raku pottery style...
This cremation urn is a regal sculpted mallard to pay tribute to the unique and delightful spirit of..
Our ebony crystal urn for ashes is produced by Bohemian glass artisans in the Czech Republic.The con..
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