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Cremation jewelry bracelet features a heart linked in love on a stainless steel beaded band. Th..
Crimson and Clover cremation celebrates the passion and fiery love that this rich shade of scarlet r..
Crimson and Clover is a mini urn that will store a small amount of ashes. This color celebrates..
Our cobalt blue funeral urn is 24% lead double cased crystal and is expertly created and cut by..
Our cobalt blue urn is 24% lead crystal. Elegant Drape is highlighted by beautiful cut designs in th..
Beautiful butterfly urn will store a small amount of ashes or cremation jewelry when not being worn...
Our crystal rose urn is 24% lead crystal.  Elegant hand cut glass design adds extra light refra..
Dance of Life cremation urn is created by a world renowned sculptor and celebrates the joyous spirit..
Urns for ashes don't always have to be a vase or box shape, Dance of Life Memorial Urn is a free sta..
We've tried to capture the spirit of the sweet spirit of a child's rocking horse in our bronze crema..
Diamond cut glass cremation urn combines vintage Victorian look combined with bright flashes of mode..
Photo pet memorial urn holds a picture and ash remains. Birch wood with glossy dark brown finish, gl..
Dogs really do leave paw prints on our hearts! This memorial stone is a sweet way to remember a spec..
Our Gold Heart Fine Jewelry necklace urn contains twin storage chambers discreetly located on the bo..
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Our Silver Heart urn necklace holds two separate portions of ashes in two chambers that are located ..
Bronze urn featuring the sacred dove symbolizing hope, a gentle spirit, new possibilities and miracl..
One of kind dragonfly urn for ashes celebrates summer and the beauty of nature with a gorgeous hand ..
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Earthy green and copper glaze highlight this urn for ashes that is thrown in the Raku pottery style...
This cremation urn is a regal sculpted mallard to pay tribute to the unique and delightful spirit of..
Courage, Freedom, Strength: all symbols of the majestic eagle. Engraved eagle on high gloss silver b..
Courage, Freedom, Power: symbols of the energetic eagle. The Eagle Memento Urn is polished chrome, w..
Our ebony crystal urn for ashes is produced by Bohemian glass artisans in the Czech Republic.The con..
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Our urn vault comes in an elegant white granite finish, lightweight, but strong enough to withstand ..
Anubis pet urn is a replica of ancient canopic jars found in the Egyptian tombs. Bronze tone with ha..
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Egyptians revered cats and our Pyramid pet urn is a the perfect size for a small pet (10-15 pounds m..
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