Wooden Cremation Urns & Boxes for Ashes

Wooden Cremation Urns & Boxes for Ashes

At Urn Garden, we offer a wide selection of wooden cremation urns and boxes. Our collection includes a variety of styles, including urn boxes that feature a personal photograph and American made urns with custom engravings. Whatever you choose, we’re sure that you’ll find a unique memorial for your loved one.

If  you have any questions regarding our collection of wooden cremation urns and boxes, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-888-876-1467. We’d love to help in any way we can. 

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Sand Blast Golf urn is sculpted by an award winning American designer using the ancient lost wax met..
Motorcycle urn to capture the power and freedom of the biker. Silver finish V-twin motorcycle engine..
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Clean lines and the calm clean color of fir green, trimed in light wood (oak or pine) make this..
Wooden cremation urn with clean lines and the calm cool color of blue trimed in light wood (oak..
Clean lines and the passionate color of red with light wood trim (oak or pine) make t..
Our hummingbird urn is solid maple with a satin finish. The bird and flower is carved out of several..
The Deer Urn is a 3-D laser cut scenic beauty, Made in the USA and created in your choice of wo..
Clean lines and the passionate color of purple with light wood trim (oak or pine) make thi..
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This double capacity hard wood urn has two separate compartments for cremains and is a good choice f..
This simple but elegant urn is an economical choice for families that may be traveling with ashes, o..
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Our Irish Royal series wood urns are handcrafted by fine artisans using the best selection of maple ..
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Solid mahogany, cherry, walnut and oak wood are used to create these beautiful, timeless wooden urns..
American made cremation urn. This box is crafted in gorgeous solid walnut wood with carved..
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Bronze Eagle Golf urn is sculpted by award winning American designer using the lost wax method and t..
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Simple styling, our elegant wooden urns are selected from solid hardwood, carefully stained and hand..
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Camo cremation urn is a perfect memorial for the deer hunter, fisherman, outdoor sportsman. Box styl..
Simple and elegant, this carved wood urn has leaf details that border the top and bottom. The dimens..
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Cremation Urn with cherry finish, birch wood that can be engraved with optional name plate. Quality ..
Jesus Christ, the great protector.  This is a full size urn that will safely store the ashes of..
$165.00 $115.00
Iconic art image on this cremation box photo urn capturing the Virgin Mary completing the course of ..
$160.00 $135.00
Holy Mother protects and comforts baby Jesus on this beautiful urn for ashes.This is an adult size u..
$175.00 $145.00
Attractive Arlington photo cremation urn is constructed from a combination of hardwoods and veneers ..

Types of Wood Used for Urns & Cremation Boxes

Life has been compared to a series of seasons, with change being the most constant. Wood can showcase the awesome beauty of nature while reflecting the change in seasons. With so many species of wood available, each one has its own personality and characteristics. 

Our wooden cremation urns and boxes are made from a variety of different woods and finished in various wood stains. Each urn has a unique style and personality that can be an important reminder of your loved one and the life they lived. Some of the woods used in our collection include: 


Cherry: Cherry is lighter in color compared to other woods, with a slight red hue. Certain shades of cherry wood are lighter than others, allowing you to see it’s beautiful, elegant grain clearly. 


Burl: As a living tree, burlwood is a gnarly twisted pockmark on the bark of a tree. Burlwood can be difficult work for the craftsman. After it has been harvested, sanded down, and hand-rubbed, the result is a brilliant finish. The wood itself features mesmerizing swirls with both dark and light flourishes. 


Pine: Pine is a lighter wood than others, both in weight and color. It can be easily stained to change its color but is lovely to look at in its natural state. Pine urn boxes make simple, yet classy memorials for the ashes of someone you’ve lost.


Mahogany: Mahogany is a classic wood, featuring a dark brown color that delivers a certain level of warmth and natural beauty to urns that are made from it. 


Walnut: Walnut is a strong, sturdy wood that is darker in color with elegant swooping grain that is a treat to see. It’s natural strength can be an impactful reminder of someone close to you who is no longer with us. 


Oak: Oak is a traditional-style wood and is used in everything from furniture to flooring. It’s tight grain is immediately recognizable. Oak is also considered a “hardwood”, which means it’s strong and durable. It’s strength, and natural beauty make it perfect for use in cremation urns and boxes.


The Benefits of Wooden Cremation Urns


Several of the wooden cremation urns are perfect for storing the plastic ash container you’ve received from the funeral home. 

In our collection, you’ll find a myriad of wooden urns for human ashes from simple pine boxes to elegant memorial chests and flag display cases.