Cloisonne Urns

Cloisonne Urns

When you buy a cloisonne cremation urn, you are investing in a gorgeous work or art. Colorful closisonne was invented by the Chinese in ancient times.

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Small butterfly keepsake urn is handcrafted Cloisonne, a metal art form invented by the Chinese. Clo..

Many people mistake cloisonne for glass, but it's actually metal, created in several layers of copper, brass, layers of enamel and then fired in a kiln.

Some of the top reasons people buy this style:

  • Secure Storage for the Ashes
  • Suitable for Burial
  • Affordable Work of Art that can be Displayed in the Home

These urns are available in an array of colors ranging from vibrant shades of blue to brilliant red, gold and copper and include nature motifs including falling leaves to symbolize the cycle of life, flowers, birds, and butterflies. Often families that plan to store the ashes in the home will choose this style as it displays well as a work of art and blends into the decor. Due to the durability of of this material, cloisonne is also a popular choice to store in a cemetery niche or burial. Check with your funeral director to see if a vault is needed if burial is the choice for interment.

Cloisonne is imported from China and is an affordable way to create a personal memorial. Many styles can be personalized with engraving, please allow 24-48 for processing on custom engraved urn orders. Visit our Learning Center to learn more about the multi stage creation process of cloisonne.