Crystal & Hand Blown Glass Cremation Urns

Crystal & Hand Blown Glass Cremation Urns<script type='text/javascript'>gtag('event','view_category',{" />

Our selection of beautiful hand blown glass and crystal cremation urns are available in a variety of vivid colors with designs incorporating flowers, birds, and angels. Whether you’re looking for a keepsake urn to store a small amount of ashes or an adult-sized one, you should be able to find a unique memorial for your loved one. If you have any questions regarding our selection of hand blown glass urns, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-888-876-1467.

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Our cobalt blue urn is 24% lead crystal. Elegant Drape is highlighted by beautiful cut designs in th..
OUT OF STOCK UNTIL JUNE 2014. Our 24% lead crystal urns are works of art, produced by a Bohemian gla..
Our crystal rose urn is 24% lead crystal.  Elegant hand cut glass design adds extra light refra..

Crystal & Blown Glass: A Unique Memorial for your Loved One

Crystal remains the glass of choice for artistic cremation urns. Decorative facets cut into the glass are highly polished to reflect the light and create an urn that is a stunning work of art. Iridescent and rich luminous shades in every color imaginable make crystal and glass cremation urns an excellent choice for families that want a timeless piece of artwork to honor their loved one.

Many of our glass styles are available in various sizes which can hold small to large amounts of ash from adults, infants, or pets. Ashes are usually contained within a bag inside the vessel, however the urn should be stored in a secure place due to it's delicate nature.

Glass Blowing: An Ancient Art

Evidence of glass blowing dates back to before Christ to the Middle East. Hot glass probably started as a glaze for pottery. Limestone, sand, potash, and soda ash is combined and heated in a super hot furnace at over 2000°F to a molten state, then the art of glass blowing begins.

Blown glass vases,art, and urns for cremated ashes are still produced using these ancient techniques. The English modified the properties of glass with lead and this style was considered the finest glass of the 18th century.

  • One of the most elegant styles.
  • Created by talented artists that will honor the spirit of your loved one.
  • Displays beautifully in the home or at the cemetery.